Working Hard, Having Fun and Doing Good: OUTWOD

Founded in 2012, OUTWOD began as a social group of 8 LGBT NYC crossfitters looking to build a supportive community, but has since grown into a group of 600 who now use their monthly bi-coastal workouts to raise money for charity. Will Lanier, the Founder of OUTWOD, whom I know (and adore) from Brick NYC, always posts an open invitation to anyone who wants to attend if you identify as LGBT or if you consider yourself an ally in support of the community. As a longtime ally, I have always wanted to attend but haven’t been able to because of work.  Thankfully, I was finally able to make it on this weekend that was being held at Crossfit South Brooklyn. This month’s charity was Family Equality Council, which helps LGBT families deal with some of the absolutely crazy red tape and roadblocks put up to loving families being legally recognized. After recently watching one of my dearest friends jump through crazy hoops to have the law recognize her AND her wife as their son’s parents, the idea of supporting anything that helps make that even a little better for others was something I couldn’t pass up!


Another friend is a member of CFSBK and when she heard I was doing a workout at her box that benefitted an awesome charity, she immediately signed up too. I arrived a little early and ran into David Osorio, owner of CFSBK and he told me we were going to be in the new space, which rocked because I’d been dying to check it out – and it really is such a big, open, bright addition to their workout space. Turned out that I knew a lot of the guys there and actually, Brick was heavily represented! I made my way over to Will and re-read the crazy workout ahead of us.

The WOD of the day was:

1000m run – with each team member running one at a time, tagging the other to follow when you finished your 1000m.

Then, when you’d both made it back and with one partner working at a time:

4 Rounds of 6 Squat Cleans 135/95RX  – which I thought was bonkers heavy so took the scaled version of 65lbs!

Then, 28 Double Unders or a scaled 84 Singles, followed by:

4 Rounds of  6 Shoulder To Over Heads of 135/95 (again, wow- heavy! Also, I might need to get my game up…) paired with 9 Burpees.

Finally, finish up with a 1000m run with your partner.

outwod 2

I, for a long time, was the lone name under the scaled division. Until my girl sidled up and added her name under mine and leaned over and whispered “Dude, where are the other girls? Is it all just stupid hot boys and us?” I burst out laughing and assured her there were at least two other girls in the building and Will said 6 were signed up but yes, we were going to have to hold it down for the girls. The turnout for this event was HUGE – 70 or so strong and we were split into two heats. My girl and I were in the second round. I watched some of my super crazy strong Brick friends work through it, and it looked hard…hard and long. This group was so STRONG, I was so impressed with how many did the actual RX weight…which was insanely out of my league!  The next round, we spilled over to the original CFSBK space and as we made it over, I leaned in to my girl and said “I know this will be hard but we can’t be the last…ok?” She nodded and we started in on that long, hard WOD. We weren’t last, but it was brutal. Everyone cheered and encouraged each other and it was hands-down some of the most fun I’ve ever had at any workout.

OUTWOD at CFSBKAt this event, OUTWOD raised over $2000 for the Family Equality Council. OUTWOD says that they openly invite anyone wanting to join their welcoming CrossFit family – and I found that to be totally true. I mean seriously – awesome people, a killer workout and money going to great charities? I can’t imagine a better way to spend a day!

Video and photos: Eric Stafford for Stafford Sports Media

FBS x The Fhitting Room Flatiron & Daury Dross

Fhitting Room x FBS 1

I’ve been giddy about the Fhitting Room opening its new Flatiron space since the moment I heard about it. The Fhitting Room is just an awesome, challenging but fun take on a HIIT workout and its new spot is worthy of just how good it really is. The new studio is roughly 4 times the size of the original, with two floors, a large studio and a smaller one for more intimate groups, water bottle filling stations, lots of lockers, showers and a vanity bar- so that when you finish class in a puddle you can make yourself presentable before venturing out into the world!

Fhitting Room x FatBottomSlimSo when offered the chance to host an exclusive class at the new studio led by powerhouse Daury Dross, I jumped at the chance.  I quickly wrangled up a group of some of my favorite fitness fiends, most of whom had never managed to make it to the UES original but were excited to check it out. Our class was in the downstairs studio, which seemed tiny in comparison to the massive upstairs space. Turns out it’s the same size as the original studio and really, Fhitting Room has become masterful at fitting in a lot of challenging work in a small space!

Fhitting Room x FBS 2Daury kicked off the class with a good, solid warm-up of 2 rounds of 45 seconds each of High Knees, Reverse Lunges and then Shoulder Taps while in Plank.  As a group we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, warmed up and in it! Then it was to the suspension straps for two rounds, 45 seconds each of Alternating Pistol Squats, Rowing and the evil Hamstring Curls with your feet in the straps. Daury warned us that those last ones were going to suck and as he yelled out corrections to everyone’s form… they really DO make you seriously hate the person (momentarily at least) who suggested they might be a good idea.

After that section, a couple of my crew were starting to give me death stares but I just grinned back, we were in it now. Then it was on to the next section – another 2 rounds of 3 moves for 45 seconds each that hit everything, this time with dumbells. Daury went at the guys for going too light and made them all go back to get a heavier weight, which caused some grumbling but then every single one of them crushed it. Daury would yell at us to go faster… and tease us for breathing hard but really wanted to just see us give it our all. It was awesome to see everyone put their game face on and GO for it.

Fhitting Room x FBS 3

The final workout was a tabata of 3 different stations that you stayed at for 4 minutes – that 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest thing gets brutal fast.  My first station was the rower, which I love. My goal for each 20 second burst was to hit 100 meters and somehow, I managed to make that happen but by the end, that was so damn hard. I got off the rower, spent. Next up was the Ab Mat sit-ups, which flew by – it wasn’t a breeze but seriously, Pilates work for the win there. The final station made me want to cry a little bit though – 4 rounds each of Squat Jumps and Hand Release push ups. At the end of that round we all collapsed, spent but fitness happy, until Daury was like – “Wait. You think you’re done?” The final 5 minutes were a partner round – one person did wallsits while the other did 8 burpees. We all burst out laughing but then got to work.

Fhitting Room x FBS 4

Daury is one of my favorites at the Fhitting Room because even with all of the cursing and teasing you just know he loves what he does and seriously just wants to make every single athlete in front of him reach their full potential. He pushes you because he truly thinks you can be great. I left class spent and proud of the work I’d put in but I also knew I’d being feeling it later.

Fhitting Room x FBS 5

I might have cursed Daury a little bit that next day…


Photos and video by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media for FBS.

YOGASMOGA: Clothing & Karma

Yogasmoga_HeaderI first heard about the new company, YOGASMOGA (based in NYC), when I was sent their beautiful Breath video – and was immediately curious because I loved the sentiment of the video. Their online store is open already and they hope to have a physical store open in NYC this year. As they told me, they are in the process of finding the right location, “a special place where we can do events such as free evening and weekend yoga classes, as bringing the community together is one of our core principles.”  After going to their site and reading how their company is based on “honoring the tenets of Yoga”, I loved the Karma-based core of this new company. YOGASMOGA’s desire to do good while creating clothes to workout in is awesome and when they asked me if I was interested in trying out some YOGASMOGA, I immediately said yes. I was so curious what I would get! When I got the package in the mail, I was shocked to find the exact outfit I would have chosen for myself – I giddilly pulled out a pair of their Tippy Toe Leggings and a Yantra Tank.

Even though on YOGASMOGA’s site they have spinning and running sections, I was a little worried about how the clothes would perform outside of the yoga world. I decided I’d break the outfit up and pair it with things I already own, just in case.

First up were the Tippy Toe Leggings in Carbon – I loved the look of these from the moment I saw them on the site – a long, tight legging made of their version of a high-performance wicking fabric called Aurum+. When I pulled them out of the bag, they seemed small but fit perfectly when I pulled them on.  I was shocked by how flattering they were! I was headed to a Brett Hoebel workout at 24hr Fitness and thought it would be the perfect place to test them out. The leggings don’t have the normal “performance” fabric feeling and I was excited to see how they would hold up in what I knew would be a super sweaty class filled with constant movement. A Capoeria-based class, called “Nitro” was basically 45 minutes of speedy squat, low to the ground lunge and kick moves that never really let up. The leggings never bagged and stayed put in every single move – I never even fiddled with them once.  Even though I was super sweaty at the end, they weren’t. I loved them and really just want to wear them constantly.

yantra-tank_india-blue_town_2_1Next up was the Yantra Tank, a waist-length, fitted tank. I have a long torso so I am constantly yanking down most workout tanks, which are usually cut too short for me.  Finding a tank that stays put is always a challenge. The Yantra is in India Blue and is really flattering on, but I was skeptical that it wouldn’t ride up during a workout. I decided to test this one out in a Barry’s Bootcamp class and I was fully prepared to be yanking it down constantly on the treadmill.  This tank shocked me. It didn’t move an inch through sprints on the treadmill or the shoulder presses by the bench.  It turns out their description is totally true –  “You would think there’s a magnetic force controlling it – but, really, it’s just great design.”  I LOVED this tank for running/bootcamp/strength workouts and it easily goes on my favorites list. I loved it so much that I also tried it in a spin class, but for me, it was just too low cut for that one. I spent a lot of that class catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and being like “Oh, goodness, there is a LOT of chest action happening here.” I wasn’t worried it would move and I’d put on a show, but it was just a little much for my personal taste!

There is a lot I love about the YOGASMOGA clothes that I tried: the fit, the function but one of my favorite things is that the awesome fabric that is used for all of the products is produced here in the USA. I love what they say about that choice on their site: “Science teaches, the fabric of our society can be more than the spirituality that binds us. We know that yoga pants can be hip and trendy. But, they can also create jobs for people in need when they’re manufactured in a town that’s desperate for opportunity. Not only are our fabrics made by our fellow Americans, but they are also eco-friendly as they haven’t accumulated frequent flyer miles.” YOGASMOGA’s mission to keep their supply chain close to their NYC headquarters is just awesome.

Karma is an amazing thing and I can’t wait to see what the year holds for them….

Images from the YogaSmoga website.

Disclaimer: I review only things I love. I was given these items to test but did not guarantee a review.