Peloton NYC Studio: The Swanky New Addition To The Indoor Cycling Scene

I’ve been dying to get on a Peloton bike since I first heard about them last year during their Kickstarter campaign. I just loved their idea: to give at home riders the kind of awesome boutique class experience you get in a studio from the comfort of your house but I was curious how that would translate into an actual studio. Last week, I finally got to try out one of their bikes at their absolutely stunning NYC flagship studio. 140w23Peloton Located in Chelsea on 23rd street and 7th, the bright, clean, open retail space that you walk into hides what is easily one of the swankiest waiting areas I have seen in any studio. I checked in at the desk, snagged a pair of shoes and headed back to the locker room to change and get ready for class. Of note: the locker room is huge, there are plenty of lockers and 4 showers. For no great reason, I had assumed that their locker room wouldn’t be so decked out and didn’t get the chance to fully utilize it after class. I went to wait in the lounge, to scope it out until the class started. The large space includes couches, large tables to work at and a café that will be openings on May 5th. Apparently, once the café opens, riders will get organic juice and snacks after every class! Other coffee, juices and snack costs will vary, but will probably be between $1-6ish…so standard coffee shop prices. PelotonStudio A few minutes before class was ready to start, I made my way into the studio. I chose a bike in the second row, since I figured that the front row bikes would need to be a little more “on” than I was feeling that morning! The bikes are set up as stadium seating so that you have a good view of the instructor… but also so that there really isn’t anywhere to hide completely. Every class will be filmed and so every rider will be potentially live streamed on camera, not close ups but you will definitely be in the group shots and the mirrors behind the coach reflect just about everyone in the room. It took me a little while to figure out how to set up the bike since I was “Oh, I’ve got this” instead of accepting the help the Peloton crew offered! The studio bike’s only difference from the home bike is the size of the screen, which on the studio bike is much smaller and isn’t the large 21.5 inch one like on the home version. The smaller monitor in the class is used to show the resistance, cadence, and power – it took me a little while to get the feel of the bike and its resistance wheel. Once I did though, I totally loved the smooth, quiet ride and so wanted one for my house! Peloton bikeStephanie Nieman, who I’ve ridden with at a few different studios and is always awesome, had invited me to come check out the studio. She is a rockstar instructor and I jumped at the chance to ride with her again. She warned us that they were still working out some kinks, but to just be present and go with the flow. Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with when she is teaching. Since the classes are filmed, the instructors are lit very brightly and are confined to the bike but it really didn’t change that much about the way Stephanie managed to inspire the riders to work their hardest. There were some technical issues with the music but she led an awesome, challenging class just like she always does. It will be interesting to see what happens when they are fully open and the classes are in full swing – they have a great roster of instructors and a killer space but will the masses come with the threat of being on camera with super sweaty faces being broadcast across the web? I will for sure, but then again, I have a high tolerance for being on film while being beet red…   photos by Eric Hwang for Peloton 

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