Goals Not Resolutions

I don’t really believe in resolutions. I think they are almost always coming from the wrong place for me. They are usually about things to fix, things that are wrong, trying to be some version of perfect… so a few years ago, I gave them up. Fuck it. I just wasn’t doing them any more.

What I DO believe in is setting goals. Things that excite you. Now that is something I can get behind. Some goals are BIG some are small.

Princeton Quote

One big one that has been hanging out on my goal list since the NYC Triathlon was doing an Ironman 70.3.  Originally I was planning on doing another Olympic distance race like the NYC Tri but I just wasn’t excited – so 2013 passed without a race. Then a few weeks before Christmas, a random Ironman post on Facebook got me practically giddy – 2014 was going to be the inaugural Princeton 70.3. I wanted in.

Princeton is close enough that it wasn’t going to add a crazy extra expense to what is already a pricey venture but the course also just sounded nice.  It is also in September – plenty of time to train. Gulp.  I’m planning on doing the Brooklyn Half again this year so hopefully, that will help kick my running into gear again. The fact that the 70.3 ends with a half marathon is weirdly the only part that worries me!

So, after a few days of debating if it was just nuts to sign up for a 70.3 freaking Ironman, I bit the bullet and signed up. It’s really been the ONLY thing I’ve been able to think about since I did it but it has finally settled in that this is happening.  2014 is going to rock.

Making big goals happen sometimes takes a big leap of faith.

Next week though I’ll be back to trying new classes and checking out some of the ridiculously exciting studios that are popping up here in NYC! But, if you have any NYC Tri based classes that should be on my list to try or suggestions on how to learn to LIKE running, I’m all ears…

Image: The Princeton lake where the 70.3’s swim leg will be happening & one of my favorite quotes.

One Reply to “Goals Not Resolutions”

  1. Just discovered your blog. I love all the classes you have tried and look forward to trying some. I’ve set some goals for myself too…and none of them involve losing weight. However, more so than goals, i’ve decided to focus on a word for the year and that word is “now.” I’m going to actively pursue living in the now, stop putting off things and doing them now, and focusing on the now and not worrying about later. Hope this makes sense. Look forward to reading more posts from you.

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