Breath + The Beats: Urban Asanas’ Joyful Celebration

Urban Asana 1
Reading the description of Urban Asanas in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights‘ awesome series Breath & The Beats of the Streets reads: “Get your flow on to a live DJ, followed by drinks, snacks and friends new & old” – I knew I had to go. I’d met Jyll Hubbard-Salk, the trailblazing owner of Urban Asanas, at a few Brooklyn Lululemon events and loved her energy. I had heard amazing things about her teaching, but had just never made it to one of her classes and really, it was starting to get ridiculous.

 Jyll Hubbard-Salk

Urban Asanas is a yoga studio dedicated to the community and is the first of its kind in the neighborhood – with the awesome mandate of “maintaining the strength and diversity of the people we serve. Our focus is on movement through music, collaboration, and heart. Urban Asanas welcomes yoga practitioners of all levels and socio-economic backgrounds.” There is seriously nothing about that that I don’t love.

Urban Asana Practice

The event, held at Jyll’s house so that we could practice outside in her stunning backyard, is just around the corner from the studio and as it turns out, it is ridiculously easy to get to. Just a few blocks off the 3 train, I made it there really quickly and ended up being one of the first people there. I must admit though, when I read the description of the evening’s event, it didn’t even occur to me that the description “from 7-9” was for the actual practice. I assumed that it would be an hour of yoga then an hour of hanging out – so when she casually mentioned that the 2 hour practice might start a couple of minutes late, I almost fell down. However, it was so beautiful outside and I was there already, so I just rolled out my mat, laid down and looked at the beautiful sky above.

Jyll's Corrections

There were 10 of us who ended up in Jyll’s backyard for the yoga portion of the evening and as soon as the class started, I knew this was going to be a kick-ass flow. Jyll is irreverent and vocal during the class, with a keen eye for what every single person is doing in each movement and how to get them deeper and more correctly into the pose. I was so thoroughly impressed with every single correction & cue – although often funny, each correction was perfect, thoughtful and helpful. She is also an amazing hands-on corrector. I love being guided into position… because really, I sometimes just don’t know where I should be moving from in yoga and having Jyll’s skilled hands guiding me into it was amazing. It was a challenging flow and the two hours actually flew by. The music was soulful and though Jyll moved us with the music in a seamless flow, a few times the music would just move people and they would start rocking out to the beat in between their Warrior poses. By the end, I was completely spent and totally blissed out.

  Urban Asana Practice 2

After class, food and sangria was brought out and more people arrived to join Jyll’s party. As the evening shifted from class to party, I looked around and marveled at the amazing, interesting and cool group of people that she had brought together. I was so grateful to be there and spent the rest of the evening just reveling at Urban Asanas’ awesome community.

It was an evening that reminded me of the reasons why I love Brooklyn.

Photos and Video by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media for Fatbottomslim

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