Wellness Wednesday: My Green Juice Addiction & Finally Getting A Juicer….

I have been a huge fan of green juices for the last few years, but could never quite bring myself to actually buy a juicer.  It just seemed like such a commitment…expensive and not worth it because “I wouldn’t use it enough” and it would take up the precious counter space. With my love of green juices not waning and prices getting up in the $10 range for a good one, I recently decided I was wrong. After a lot of research, I settled on the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.  Not super expensive, reliable and reportedly easy to clean, it seemed the perfect choice. When it popped up on sale in an email after Christmas from Amazon, and was totally covered by my parents’ “fun money” gift and the Amazon gift card my brother sent me for Christmas, I decided it was a sign from the universe that it was time to finally get my juicer!

Since I am just getting started, I emailed my dear friend, Olivia, from GreenJunkieLiving.com for pointers and her favorite recipe.  This is her response:

I am, by most accounts, a health nut. Neti-pots, yoga, green smoothies, flax seed–I’m all over it. But salad? Even really good ones? So boring I can’t bring myself to eat them. Which is one of the major reasons (aside from, hello, delicious) I love green juice. When the craving strikes, this is my favorite recipe:

4 cucumbers, peeled unless organic

2 apples, quartered

1 head romaine lettuce

2 lemons, peeled

2″ chunk of ginger, peeled

1/2 bunch of celery (the leaves are an awesome source of Vitamin C)

1/2 broccoli stem

any leftover kale stems I might have

This makes at least two quarts, one of which I drink right away, the other I put in a mason jar filled to the tippy top (a little overflow is your friend–use filtered water to make up the difference if need be) and stored in the fridge until the next day. I love green juice; I hate cleaning my juicer.

If you’re craving something sweeter, carrot, beet, and apple make a great combination, and get you all the nutrients from veggies in a different color spectrum. Fennel and red cabbage can also be surprisingly tasty additions to either juice base.


  • Double (or triple) juice the pulp to get as much liquid as possible.
  • Make double batches and store in filled-to-the-tippy-top airtight jars.
  • Experiment with whatever produce is on sale or needs to be used up from the fridge–but if you’re extra cautious, juice into separate containers and combine slowly. That way you don’t spoil a whole batch of juice if you realize you can’t stand the taste of juiced broccoli florets. (I speak from experience; love the stems, but couldn’t get through the florets.)

If you never tryMy very first juice attempt is in the video above and it was actually good! I’ve had my juicer for a little under a week and am already totally obsessed with it. Olivia’s tips have helped me get more out of it and given me an awesome new recipe and new combinations to play with! I can’t wait to experiment… and see how regular juicing helps with being in beast mode!

Video shot by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media. Bottom quote just a little bit of internet goodness.

2 Replies to “Wellness Wednesday: My Green Juice Addiction & Finally Getting A Juicer….”

  1. I have been wanting a juicer forever and this is only making me want one more!! Thanks for the great recipe, I’ll have to try this while I have access to a high powered blender at my parents’ house.

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