Lacey Stone & The Epic Launch

“Free for a workout with celeb trainer, Lacey Stone?” – the answer to that question is always going to be an immediate “yes!”. So, before I even opened the email with that heading, I knew I was 100% in for whatever the workout entailed. Turns out, Lacey was going to be in NYC for a special workout for the launch of Epic’s new state-of-the-art treadmill at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The workout would give us all a chance to both try the new machine and to get our butts kicked by Lacey in one of her famously fun bootcamps. 

The event started with an overview of the machine by Lacey and one of Epic’s technical team and they went through some of the cool features, like automatic adjustable height and storing miles logged for each user, a super cushioned belt, WiFi and full internet capabilities. It seemed like an awesome treadmill for someone else but I didn’t really get the point of having the WiFi on it because really, I think you should focus on running while on the treadmill, not surfing the internet. That said, the thing about having the internet access is that the treadmill has the capacity to link up to Google maps, allowing you to run simulated routes anywhere in the world using all of the data that Gmaps has collected. It would be awesome for race training, allowing you to practice on what the terrain would really be like. For the demo, we ran a route in Scotland and the machine automatically adjusted to the various inclines (and declines too!) of the route and all the while, you got to watch the street view of where you were running. The techno geek in me LOVED it and it made running on the treadmill SO much more fun. Really, there are actually a lot of useful things about the treadmills having the WiFi feature for data collection and tracking progress – but really, that running through the streets of far away places is just freaking rad.

The workout was divided into 4 rounds of 10 minute sections, which meant that you got one round on the treadmill for “a mile for time race” and 3 bootcamp rounds on the floor. The way we were broken up, my treadmill section was the first round. It was fun to immediately get to play with the fancy machine but I wish I had been a little warmed up before starting out – my time was not so pretty. Of course, there wasn’t a chance in hell I would have come close to winning when the top three logged sub-8 minute miles – the people in that room were a fierce group! For me, the next 30 minutes were spent on the floor, where we had two simple props, a step and a 6-pound medicine ball. The rounds on the floor – filled with lots of lunges, squats and creative medicine ball moves -were ridiculously fun, as every class I have ever taken with Lacey always is. That woman knows how to bring the fun while kicking your ass. It is such a gift – which is why at every opportunity, I’ll drop everything and go to one of her classes if given the chance.

At the end of the workout, along with the top 3 runners’ winner gift certificates to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lacey also drew a name out of a jar for someone to win one of the awesome Epic treadmills we had just gotten to play with! I SO wanted it but the lady who did win it, was also the fastest runner there and was so giddy about winning it that I was glad she won! I do covet it though….


Photos and video by Eric Stafford.

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