The Joy of Flying: Alison Cohen shows the Fella the way….

This week was all about going to see the Hunger Games. I REALLY wanted to see it; what can I say? So, I bought tickets to the late showing at BAM cinemas on Saturday night, as a fun date-night for the Fella and me.  I realized that I had signed up for Alison Cohen’s Flywheel class early “Warrior Ride” on Sunday morning, so as I cancelled out of that, I decided that maybe the Fella and I should go to her later class on Sunday at the Flatiron studio. It is fair to say that I have a little bit of a Flywheel addiction, and love getting to share a ride with the Fella.  After last weekend’s crazy-great Holly class, I figured it was finally time to get him to one of Alison’s classes on the weekend. I will admit it, I didn’t entirely give the Fella a choice, but more announced it as a thing: “I got us tickets to the Hunger Games late show and because I had to cancel out of my early class on Sunday, I got us bikes for Alison’s 4:15 class instead!  Awesome, right??” He was so excited about the movie, that it was a little bit later when he realized the other part I snuck in!

I have loved Alison’s classes at Flyweel since the very first time I took one. She teaches a hard, challenging but fun class and is just so completely herself. Since she found out that the Fella had gone to one Flywheel class, she has wanted to know when he would be showing up to hers. It had gone on long enough that I think she was beginning to believe that the Fella didn’t really exist. He was fast becoming my very own Big Foot – whispered about but few have ever actually seen…

On Sunday, we headed into the city to Flywheel’s Flatiron studio for Alison’s 4:15 class and the cold, grey day made being inside for a class seem like the absolute perfect thing to do. At the studio, we quickly stashed our stuff and headed up to the front to wait for class. I ran into Alison and she excitedly asked if the Fella had really made it and as soon as I pointed him out on the bench, she ran over and hugged him. It was flat-out endearing and you could see the Fella was totally won over by her immediately. It turned out that she had had a crazy stressful morning with classes to teach and a broken Ipod, which led to lots of franticness getting her hands on a replacement. Yet, somehow, she had still managed to get the two groups on our class’ playlist that I had told her were the Fella’s favorite. I thought she was amazing before but after that? Seriously, that is above and beyond. He was floored.

As we settled into the class, the playlist rocked and we quickly fell into a solid groove of work. It was Alison’s signature challenging, engaging class with lots of long intervals and heavy torque and when I looked over at the Fella in the middle of it, he was fully in the moment and grinning from ear to ear. This class obviously had finally cemented what I have been telling him all along, that when you are fully into a class, there really is nothing better. The Fella killed it and at the end of his 4th class, he had beaten me by one point.  When I pointed it out to him, he was gob-smacked.  When you are fully in the zone, there is no denying it, and as I high fived him, he asked me when we get to come back. The love of Flywheel has finally, officially, been spread in my house thanks to Alison’s amazing, challenging class. Is there anything more you can ask for than that?


(Top photo of Alison from Flywheel Sports website and the bottom a little internet goodness)

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