Snapping out of a funk with SurfSet Fitness & The Sporting Center at Chelsea Piers…

Last week was one of those weeks that seemed never ending, far too stressful and just in general, dreadful.  I knew going into it that it would be. So, I had booked a SurfSet Fitness class at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, knowing it would be the perfect thing to snap me out of my funk. I was so right – it really was the perfect class to have planned for the end of a bad week.

The first time I had taken SurfSet, I took the “SUP” version but this time I took the “Classic SurfSet” class.  I also planned accordingly, because this time, I knew not to plan anything after the class. The thing about taking a SurfSet class is that afterwards, you have the run of the sports center… I didn’t realize that when I went the first time and had planned something right after it, but not this time. This time, I planned on scoping out the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers while I had the chance! I was a few minutes late to class because really, from Brooklyn, Chelsea is ridiculously hard to get to on a good day…but on a weekend? It just gets goofy.  I made it, but by the time I got there, I had missed the set-up talk and how if your board needs adjusting, to let them know. The only board that was left was in the corner and VERY loose. It was almost comically hard for me to get the gist of handling this board since it moved much more dramatically from side to side than the first one I had ridden. Once I finally got the hang of it, I could focus on the actual moves and not on my fear of face planting in the middle of class! The class flew by after that, included lots of paddling, pop-ups, lunges and some pushups, and ended with some yoga poses for good measure. At the very end, we even tried to do a Crow pose on the board for an extra challenge. My Crow can’t fly on solid ground so it was comically flightless on a moving platform!  Sigh, it was not my most graceful class by a long shot….

After class, I took full advantage of being in the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, the most impressively amazing gym in the city. I have wanted to workout there since I moved to the city but even a day pass there is $50. However, if you sign up for a ridiculously fun SurfSet class, you then get the use of the full gym afterwards, which is SO awesome! I ran around the indoor track and took in the amazing gym.  I ran on one of their fancy treadmills and took in the gorgeous views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. Seriously, being in a gym with huge windows, natural light and a killer view was vaguely intoxicating and exactly what I needed. I lifted weights in the spotless, stunning weight room, and rolled out on a foam roller in the stretch area before heading down to the locker room. Geeze people. Robes and plush towels, huge showers and an empty sauna… and yes, I took full advantage of the spa-like locker room. By the time I left, I was totally blissed out and loving life – a far cry from how I walked in!

After leaving Chelsea Piers, I headed to Chelsea to drink some yummy coffee and look at some good art, rounding out an absolutely perfect day. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

( Top image from SurfSet’s Facebook page, middle image from The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers website, a bottom image a little bit of internet goodness)

6 Replies to “Snapping out of a funk with SurfSet Fitness & The Sporting Center at Chelsea Piers…”

  1. Love Chelsea Piers. I had three months of weekends there and I am sad to say I didn’t use the pool/jacuzzi until my last day there! So much to do, and so much space. I spent 3 to 4 hours there at a time, easily, on multiple occasions. May have to go to a surfset class soon!

    1. I can easily see spending 3-4 hours at Chelsea Piers… it is amazing. So cool that you won that 3 month weekend membership there but now that it is over, you should definitely try SurfSet so you can have the run of the place again!

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