Flywheel with Ryan Makely & the day the sub kicked ass…

A few months ago, I went to Ryan Makely’s very first Flywheel class and it was awesome. The class was filled to the brim with Flywheel instructors and staff – who were all loud and joyfully supporting their friend. I was the total interloper but had somehow managed to get an invite to this off-the-schedule event and it was ridiculously fun. I didn’t write about it at the time, because I don’t think it is fair to review anyone’s first class – no matter how much I enjoyed it.

On Sunday afternoon, by chance, I finally made it back to one of Ryan’s classes. I had been hearing some really great things and wasn’t remotely surprised that people liked him so much, if his first class was so good, I couldn’t imagine time wouldn’t make him even better. The first time, you could tell he had been studying Jesse a lot (not a bad person to emulate, by any stretch) but he hadn’t yet gotten comfortable just being himself in front of the crowd. This class, Ryan was just totally himself and worked the crowd like a seasoned veteran.

Ryan was the sub for the class, so the class started off a little quiet as they sussed him out. I was into it from the moment the class started, but then he said the greatest thing I have ever heard in a spinning class:

“I am like Tinkerbell; if I don’t hear you, I die!”

…and the room erupted. The energy of the room was just crazy and into it after that!

From that moment, everyone listened and did whatever Ryan asked – even the evil long 35-40 torque hills that made me wonder if he was trying to kill us – or at the very least make our legs fall off. By the time we got to the arms section, I was wiped out.  Then, Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” started to play – I mean…come on! After all the rap and pop he had played, it was just hysterical and made getting through the section so much easier.  Instead of the class ending in a sprint, as almost every class does, this one ended on a rolling hill with 40 torque again. The change up was awesome and so, even though it was a killer, it was great end!

Ryan led a hard, challenging and ridiculously fun class with lots of great music. But my favorite thing? He ended on the Muppets Song. Not many people could get away with that, but somehow it just fit.  Even though Ryan kicked my ass, I left really happy and you can’t ask for much more on a Sunday afternoon…


Top image of Ryan from Flywheel’s awesome new site & bottom image, just a little internet goodness

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