A Torq Challenge with Alison Cohen & Getting back to the 300’s

On Sunday night, I was still sore from SLT the day before, but I headed into Flywheel’s Flatiron studio to take the “Torq Challenge” with Alison Cohen. I love Alison’s Warrior Ride on Sunday mornings at the Upper East Side studio (one of my favorites on the Flywheel schedule for an ass-kicking ride) and the option to get to do a super tough class with her and not have to get up early on a Sunday to do it? I am in! It is crazy how hectic the evening classes are at the Flatiron location – with so many people buzzing around the studio, getting out of classes, gearing up to ride, people pulsing in the Flybarre studio –such an awesome amount of energy to be around. I LOVE having that in my weekend! It is just totally energizing – ending your week on such a high note just ROCKS.

The class was packed, as weekend Flywheel class always are, but I still managed to snag a front row spot. The best part about the class was the energy of the group, this one was loud – I LOVE that!  The class was just as hard as the Warrior Ride, but somehow, because I was more awake for this one, it seemed harder. I killed myself to crank up my numbers, since it seemed that I was doomed to end the hour in the 200’s – which is awesome in a 45 minute class, but in a challenge class, isn’t ok for me. Well, that isn’t true…it is fine but I so wanted to hit 300 again! The triple threat proved to me that I can go so much harder than I think I can if I hunker down and work HARD. However, since that amazing class, I have been struggling with not doing as well as I now know I can! Ugh. For all of the amazing classes I have taken since then, I haven’t had a great number again – which of course, has made me a little bonkers. I like to think of myself as all zen and not caring about the number at all, that it is just about the greatness of the class.  While that is mostly true, there is a little part of me that has been freaking out. It turns out that I am a little bit competitive when it comes down to it, especially with myself.

Alison and her killer Warrior Ride was the first class that ever got me over the 300 hundred mark, so it makes sense that on Sunday night she got me back over 300 once again. Phew! Now I can go back to not caring so much; it wasn’t a fluke! Thank you, Alison! I love your hard, challenging classes!

(Image: Some internet goodness)

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