The Triple Threat at Flywheel UES: 90 minutes of amazing

On Sunday, I went to a special event at Flywheel UES called the Triple Threat- a 90 minute class taught by 3 instructors:  Jesse Alexander, Chris Tracy and Grant Belton. I had missed the first one that they held in the Flatiron location, and swore that I wouldn’t miss the second. All of the reports were that it was a ridiculously fun challenge, although I will say, a 90 minute class seemed just crazy to me, but I figured it would be fun to experience…

First up this time was Jesse Alexander and at first, I was sort of worried that my favorite was leading things off. The last version had him in the final leg and I had been sort of counting on his positive energy to pull me through the last 30 minutes when I was sure that I was going to need it. Turns out, having him in the lead was perfect – he totally set the tone for the class with that perfect, intense, joyful positivity that he always projects in his classes. It started the event off with such an amazing vibe that there was no way it couldn’t be a killer time. The crowd was in it, with an uproar of noise coming from the riders constantly and Jesse sat it the pocket of that energy – and amped them up even further as his ride went along. By the time he asked us to pull our bars out for the arms section, I looked up at the Torque Board and realized I was in third place. As the arm section went through, I kept flopping back and forth with the girl ahead of me. I am never that far up on the Torque Board!

The next instructor up was Chris Tracy, whom I knew nothing about except that he was one of the Triple Threat guys. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from him. The funny thing about Chris is that he looks really young, but has this ESPN sportscaster voice that is just awesome. He also says some sort of whacky crap while up on the bike and since I love a little bit of goofiness – I was sucked into his ride right away. Chris’ section felt like a brutal 30 minute hill climb, although there were flats.  Chris really likes the Torque Board and it was shocking how motivating that was for me. Given my rare position in the top three, I pushed myself like a loon to try and get to the top of the damn board and see how long I could stay there. The other girl was RIGHT behind me and we were 1 and 2 the whole time – with only 3 points separating us through Chris’ section. We were totally pushing each other, trying to get ahead and not wanting to let the other gain any ground. My competitive streak went into overdrive when my competitor rode through the arms section. It erased my tired and I kicked in to beast mode – I wasn’t going to let her beat me because of that!

By the time Grant Belton came on, I was TIRED but motivated, and he was the perfect lead. He has the most amazing, calm, “you can DO this” vibe that I have ever seen on a bike, while still really playing up to the music and the crowd. He was totally in his element and I loved him for it. At that point in that ride, I needed someone to just be calm and commanding and Grant has that in spades. He was exactly what I needed to bring me over the finish line, while still keeping the intensity up. I needed that to keep the ground I had fought so hard to maintain. YAY!  Grant deserves hero status in my book for that one.

At the end of the ride, I had won the women’s section and racked up an amazing 592 on the Torque Board. I have never even been in the top three in any class and I was floored. Technically, I was almost actually ON the floor, since I was a little shaky trying to get off the bike, but thankfully, managed to not be THAT dramatic!

All I can say is “Fuck yeah! I LOVE to fly!”

Top + Bottom images- Torque Board final & the one of me after with Triple Threat’s fearless leaders both from Flywheel’s Facebook page,  Middle Image- a little Internet goodness

3 Replies to “The Triple Threat at Flywheel UES: 90 minutes of amazing”

  1. No, I love the torque board – it helps that it is divided into men and women but just in general I find it really motivating! You don’t have to be on the board though, you are given the option of not having your results up for other to see….

  2. @Spinning in NYC: I have seen more women participate on the torque board than men.

    I would love to try a 90-minute session in Flywheel, any idea when the next one will be?

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