Work: Flywheel with Steven Little

On Monday evening, I went to Steven Little’s Flywheel class. I didn’t really know what to expect from him or what the vibe of his class would be, but I have been curious to try it out for a while now. As it turned out, this class was the complete antithesis to Saturday’s class, and I loved every minute of it. The thing is, I love a class that’s primary purpose is to kick my ass. Steven’s class is just a hard core training session, designed to work you out as hard as possible. In fact, he even told us that exact thing during class:

“I didn’t come here for a dance party, I came here to fucking WORK. Training is WORK. Getting lean is WORK. Getting fit is WORK. NOW. GET. TO. IT.”

Considering the class I had gone to that weekend (yes, an amazing Soul Cycle Dance Party), I buckled down and got to work. No more horsing around! I love that kind of intensity, so even though it was my second class of the day, I busted my ass to work as hard as I could. I love being asked to rise to an occasion!

Steven’s class was about knowing your own ride and how hard you can push that day. It was interesting because there was no tolerance for slacking, but also not the normal “your torque is this” and “your RPM’s should be here” but more of “this is what you should be doing but if you need a rest, take one, and then get right back on.” At the beginning of class, we were directed to figure out where our flat, our hill and our challenging climb was. When he first said it, I was confused, but during the class, it made perfect sense – we were supposed to own our own ride. It took a minute for me to really get into the class but once I was in it, I was totally into it. I worked REALLY hard in that class because I kept thinking, I can keep going, I don’t really need a break…

It was one of those rare classes that felt more like a personal training session than a group class. All of Steven’s motivation and prompting really worked for me. It wasn’t about playing, it was about getting stronger and more fit – sometimes, that is exactly what you need. To be seriously pushed by someone who wants you to be your best self and doesn’t believe the bullshit excuses you tell yourself that allow you to slack. He truly gave the impression of someone who believed you could be a greater version of yourself – wherever it was that you started your journey. It was a weirdly quiet class – and he really wanted people to be more vocal, but at 5:30pm on a Monday, that just wasn’t happening. So, once again, I felt like the freak for being loud. But what can I say? It helps! He was totally inspiring and absolutely motivating.

I really can’t believe how freaking good the class was and on that day, it was exactly what I needed. I can’t believe it took me so long to try it.

(Image: Steven Little via Flywheel website, quote via ESPNW’s Facebook )

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