Danny Kopel’s Soul Dance Party

Last week, I got a message from my Soul Cycle friend that read “I booked a second bike in Danny’s Dance Party – it is yours if you want it.” My immediate response was: “Hell, YES!”  The first class I took with Danny Kopel at Soul Cycle had felt more like a party than a class, so the fact that there was an actual dance party class sounded like a damn fine way to begin a Saturday night. The first class I took with Danny, he didn’t ride the bike at all and I couldn’t really picture him on one since he has a frenetic and boundless energy that seemed almost impossible to keep in one spot for 45 minutes.

Danny was, of course, fabulous on the bike and off it too. He still bounded around the room like a rock star on stage, but also held the room on the bike. He is so magnetic and impishly charismatic that it is almost impossible to not get caught up in the vibe Danny is creating. The packed class felt more like a club with a star DJ at the helm of your evening, and the music was a little more club/techno-y than the first class I took with him. There was lots of “dancing” on the bike – the Soul Cycle pushups and dips moves that sometimes I got and sometimes I just didn’t – I am not the most coordinated when it comes to those things!  The class certainly had more “moves” and chorography then the first one. It was fun, but some of the moves, I just didn’t get at all. However, my absolute favorite part of the class wasn’t the strobe light (which Danny WORKED) but the bubble machine. It was so ridiculous that it had to be loved, because seriously, how often do you get bubbles in a class? Plus, Danny has a signature high kick move, that really is damn impressive, and several times he popped the bubbles with a high kick. I loved that. This class FLEW by… I swear it felt more like 20 minutes then 45.  Total sweaty fun.

Trying to describe Danny’s Soul Dance Party is like trying to tell someone about the amazing party you went to that never sounds as fantastic as it was – the class was a ridiculously good time.  It was a good workout AND a fantastically good time.  Afterwards, I was in a great mood and headed back to Brooklyn to get ready to go to my friend’s Holiday party – the class really was the perfect kickoff to a festive evening! A workout improves my mood, but this one also made me feel like partying was in order, too.  And during this season, that makes it just about perfect.

(Image from Soul Cycle’s Facebook page)

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