Getting back on track: Lithe’s “Super Fly”

After a promising start to the week, with an absolutely insanely amazing Flywheel class on Monday, where I got to ride with all of my favorite instructors in one room, the sudden wintery rain really threw me for a loop. To not let the week fall into a rut, I had to figure out the game plan while I did my weekly trip to Philadelphia.  My Brooklyn routine is set, but Philly tends to throw me off my game.  I knew that this week I didn’t have it in me to do a self-motivated “home” workout while I was in Philly.  So, I promptly went to the Lithe site to see if there was any class that I could get into. Turns out there was one that had some space on the waitlist that night, so I signed up, but assumed that there wasn’t really a chance of getting in. However, I at least could feel better about TRYING to do something, and would plan the hell out of the weekend if it didn’t work out. I told a friend of mine recently that during the holidays, if I work out at least 4 times a week, I get a pass at not feeling guilty, and apparently this week, I am testing that theory out. It turned out that the wintery weather mix on Wednesday scared a ton of people off and by 3pm, I got a call from Lithe that I had gotten into the class for that night after all.  Phew!  Turns out that the 4-workouts-per-week plan for this week wasn’t going to be so hard to manage after all!

One of my favorite things about Lithe is the crazy names of the classes and Wednesday’s version was called “Super Fly”. Honestly, the class descriptions never really mean anything to me. I choose based on time and location, although there are a couple I avoid like the plague – “Burlesque” being the main one, because really, just shoot me. On the scheduler this week “Super Fly” with Anna Marie Chang was described: “Our super-hero style sculpting workout with the added intensity of ankle and/or wrist weights.” Which didn’t really sound like what I thought the class was supposed to be. It turned out that I was right; it was really a resistance band class!  So cool.  I have been dying to try one of their bands classes and to just stumble into one was awesome. We started with the bands pulled taught from the ceiling while laying on the mat doing ab work. It was a hard start and I loved every minute of it.  We mostly stayed under the bands and pulled them tight throughout the class – much harder than it sounds. As with all Lithe classes, there is a distinct chorography that is being taught and it doesn’t really lend itself to the instructors really expressing themselves too much – most of the time it feels like learning a routine in a dance class. Anna, though, did a great job of coming around and individually correcting people.  It was nice to know she was watching what we were doing and not just going through the steps! Before the end of class, we moved to the bar and used a resistance band looped around it to make the lunges, jumping, and arm work at the bar more challenging. It was just a fun, interesting and unique class. After class, I grabbed a green juice (Lithe makes a really yummy one) and was happy that I got a good workout in AND that the week was back on track – even away from home!

There is so MUCH good stuff planned for this weekend…including LOTS of Flywheel and that is always a good thing! This week is SO back on track – it just needed a little push from a fun class and a few endorphins!

(Image: from Lithe’s blog FitHipHealthy )

6 Replies to “Getting back on track: Lithe’s “Super Fly””

  1. As someone who alternates between P57 and Flywheel but who has been waiting with baited breath for Lithe to open its NYC location, your reviews are really helpful. Besides the sheer variety of the Lithe repertoire, how do you think it compares to P57 and Flywheel? Also, once Lithe finally gets here, do you think I need Immersion if I have been doing P57 for years and go 3-4x/week?

  2. I think that if you have been doing P57 regularly for years taking the Immersion isn’t really necessary – a couple of 101’s and you will be fine. Lithe is really fun & I can’t wait to see where they end up when they finally open in NYC!
    As far as comparing P57 / Flywheel, I will say sometimes I miss the individual attention/corrections that you get at P57 and the cardio component doesn’t even come close to what you get with a Flywheel class… but Lithe is a great addition to the mix!

    1. Thanks so much! I figured that my fitness level would be fine for the 101s, but the new vocabulary, moves, and routines could require some adjustment. I’m looking forward to adding Lithe to my routine because it seems like a good hybrid of what I love about both P57 and Flywheel. Assuming it isn’t in a totally inconvenient location to go regularly (Upper anything), I’m definitely going to do all three.

      As an aside, I love following you because we seem to share the same opinions of instructors.

  3. Thank you for this review. I have been waiting for Lithe to come to NYC. It’s in my to do list. I love taking new classes (especially barre) where it truly challenges something within me not just physically. Great review!

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