Finding the magic: Danielle’s Flywheel class on the UES

On Saturday night, thanks to the kick-off of Lululemon 66th Street and UES Flywheel’s December weekly freebie class, I got to take a class with Danielle. I LOVE that they are doing that this month! I plan on being at all of them because really, I can’t afford to go nearly as much as I would like to, so if there is EVER a chance to go to one, I am there.

The way it works is that it is a first come, first serve deal – that always worries me a little when I have to make if from Brooklyn to the UES but I just planned for way more time to get there than needed. After checking with the Lululemon store (I had thought you signed up for the class there –nope!) and poking around the store for a little bit, I was STILL ridiculously early, about 45 minutes early – and wasn’t the first person there! All the front row bikes were taken but I got my favorite 2nd row bike, which was nice, although really, for free, I would sit anywhere as long as I had a bike!  Mostly, I was just excited to be getting to take a class at all. People rolled in at a pretty steady pace and the class was soon filled to the brim, still, everyone seemed to get a bike.  As we waited for our class to start, people started to come out of Danielle’s earlier class– they all had that drenched, blissed-out, slightly dazed look of people who have just taken a great class. Looking at their faces as they came out, I knew that Danielle was on fire and we were in for a great class. I just didn’t really know how true that was.

Once in a while, a class completely and utterly blows your socks off with its greatness. Danielle’s class on Saturday was like that. It was a class filled with people who hadn’t really done Flywheel very much, a really quiet group, and yet, it was still completely amazing. In lots of classes, it is the crowd’s energy that supplies the intensity and drive.  In this one, it was all Danielle. Though the crowd was quiet (well, except for me who hooted and hollered a lot- the class was too good not to), Danielle pulled everyone along with her. It was really a sight to see. The music was good but Danielle was AMAZING. She kicked my ass and I walked out of the class just as drenched and blissed-out as everyone that I saw walk out of the earlier class. Danielle really has claimed rockstar status in my book for that joyful, kickass class.

On Sunday morning, the fella and I went to Paragon to sign up for the free snowboarding trip they are sponsoring with Burton to Mountain Creek, NJ. Unbelievably, we were the first people in line!  I can’t wait.  I have never been snowboarding and not only is it a free trip, but it is also for beginners.  It includes a lesson and all of the gear you need, the stuff that always makes trying it out for the first time seem so crazy expensive. The fact that it happens to be on a random Monday that the fella has off? Really, doesn’t get better than that!

After our snowboarding score, we walked down to La Colombe for a yummy coffee and just to enjoy the crisp, sunny day.

December is going to be a VERY fun month it seems….


(Picture of Danielle from Flywheel Sports website and quote a little bit of internet goodness)

4 Replies to “Finding the magic: Danielle’s Flywheel class on the UES”

  1. So you glad you enjoyed Danielle’s class as much as I do. My husband, who has always been a group exercise class hater, took his first spin class ( and come to think if it, first ever group exercise class) ever with Danielle last week. He cannot wait to go back! Testament to a fabulous instructor!

  2. Fun! Great review. I still have a free pass to use at Flywheel; I don’t think I can make any of the Saturdays but I LOVE that they are doing that! And I might just be going on that snowboarding trip too; hoping I can make it (and make it in to one of the open slots).

    1. They are also doing community rides on Fridays at 12:30pm on the UES if that works for you… I can’t make any of those but LOVE that they are doing so much to reach out to the community!
      Did you make it into the Snowboarding trip? I am so excited about that one!

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