A Spartan Sunday…

The original plan for Sunday was to go to a Figure Four class at Pure East as part of an event that was happening, and since I was going to be on the UES, I figured I could squeeze in a Flywheel class too. A full day of fitness adventures and fun…

Then on Sunday morning, I received an email that basically cancelled the Figure Four class for anyone who wasn’t going to be at the event exactly when it opened and since my Flywheel didn’t let out until after it started – I decided it wasn’t worth trekking up there to just be turned away. I’ll be damned if I was going to waste a ride credit by trying to run out of Flywheel early or worse yet, not being fully present for the class because I was worried about missing out on something else. Once in a while, it is ok to accept that a plan is just a failure and decide to enjoy the pieces instead. That is what I chose to do on Sunday. So, after grabbing a yummy Joe’s coffee in Brooklyn (it still makes me so happy they opened up a shop so close to my house) I hopped on the train and headed to the UES Flywheel. By the time I got to the studio, my grouchiness had faded and I was just ready to ride. The best part of my failed Sunday plan was that because I was going to be on the UES, it meant that I booked into a class with someone I had never taken before.

The class I had chosen was the “Warrior Ride” with Alison Cohen, a 60-minute ride. The class was packed with super intense regulars and there was some confusion over if any bikes were free for wait-listers, so by the time it started, it just started. Alison just launched into the ride and taught a fabulous, hard, sweaty, well thought out class. I really loved it. On that bike, she really owned the room and I always love that in an instructor. It was a weird crowd, though, super competitive and very into their own experiences. Although none more than the girl on the bike next to the mirrors who spent the first 5 minutes of the class watching herself in the mirror spinning and making sexy faces at herself!  I was sitting to the side of her but thankfully; she was too involved in watching herself to notice me staring agape. To distract myself from the scene next to me, I focused on the torque board, the awesome instructor and in every section, pushed myself as hard as possible. Which worked wonders and as I saw the numbers building I really just went after riding HARD. I love pushing myself and this class was completely geared towards that with longer intervals and always keeping the pressure on. Best part for all of that effort? For the first time ever I broke 300 – and yes, it did briefly cross my mind to yell “I am SPARTA!”, but thankfully, I managed to keep that to myself. I got so excited that the last few minutes were a blur because I really couldn’t believe I had passed what I thought would never happen. 300, I will be seeing you again!

Afterwards, I wanted to thank Alison for a great class, but she was swamped with people. So, I just threw on my stuff and headed out into the world a happier – albeit sweatier – person. That is definitely a sign of a great class!

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