Trekking to the UES Flywheel for some rocking positivity…

On Tuesday morning, I trekked up to the UES Flywheel to take a class with the awesome, infectiously positive force, Jesse Alexander. There are people who I would go anywhere to take a class from and Jesse is one of them. The fact that this mid-morning class isn’t packed to the gills, as most of his classes are, means that once in awhile I get to sneak into it. I was super sore from As 1 and climbing at Brooklyn Boulders the day before and really, the only thing to do in cases like that is to try and work it out. Flywheel is such a sweaty, amazing workout and I knew it would make me feel a million times better. I really had no idea how true that would be for this class.

I have taken a bunch of classes with Jesse at this point and really have loved them all. Down at the Flatiron studio, his crowd is louder and more raucus (which I love) but Uptown is distinctly quieter and more reserved – Jesse is not. The thing that I like the most about his classes is that he is so unequivocally himself. Jesse LOVES what he does, seemingly life in general, and really just wants everyone to get on the train of positivity with him.  I never fail to get swept up into the spirit of it and leave feeling awesome about life, not just working out. That is an impressive skill! At one point, Jesse was talking about how we needed to get to a place of discomfort to make changes, but he was quick to clarify that it wasn’t the same as pain. Getting out of your comfort zone really is how you make changes. Discomfort is where you want to be.  Then, Jesse said perhaps my favorite thing I have ever heard in any class:

“Anyone who says ‘No pain, no gain’ is an asshole.”

It caught me off guard and cracked me up but it is also something I totally agree with. Discomfort is good and needed – pain is not. Jesse’s class always pushes me to that discomfort place and that is awesome!

There were only about 20 of us in the class, and as much as I want to shake people for not filling up this class like they should, I like that it gives me a chance to go. It is getting busier though, so I fear people are finally realizing what a treat they have in their neighborhood… so check out Jesse’s rocking positivity while there is still space!

Jesse’s classes really are something special.