Lithe-ing in the morning, a fine way to start the day…

To say that I am not a morning person is such a vast understatement that it elicits rolling on the floor laughter from most of my friends. Once in awhile though, I decide that it would be a good idea to schedule a class really early – like 7am kind of early. Today was one of those days. I woke up way too early and threw on my workout clothes, made a protein shake and hustled out of the door by 6:40am to get to the Lithe class, “Cinch”, at their Rittenhouse studio.

I thought the class sounded sort of like I would be laying down the whole time… which I think means somehow, I had gotten the “Cinch” and their class “Floored” confused. The only thing I got right was that the class was mostly focused on the core and hips.  Other than that, I was just VERY wrong. The class started with a dynamic warm-up that really just felt more like launching straight into the workout. Lots of side lunges and squats in a wide, low second. The thing about Lithe is that pretty much every exercise is done in 30 reps, so if you are in something you will be there for awhile. They also have a very specific counting pattern –set counts that don’t take into account the other reps you have left in the other sets, counting you down from ten, so you get  “only two more!” and when you get to 1 you think “it’s over!” but, nope! They launch directly into “set two – 10, 9, 8!”.  At first, this annoyed the tar out of me. If there is another move in the middle, I get that, but when you are really doing 30, I HATE being told I have 1 more when I really have 20. It took me a few classes to get used to it and today was the first time that it didn’t irk me even a little bit…. of course, that might be because I was too sleepy to really be focused on anything other than exactly what I was supposed to be doing at that moment.

The class had some great, really unique standing ab moves that I had never done before.  It was mostly standing core moves, with some mat work, ending with a few moves at the barre. It was a great, challenging class and I was sweating about 10 minutes in and wiped out by the end – that is the sign of a good class to me! I really liked the structure of this class, it was easy for a non-Lither to follow since so much of the class was doing moves where you face the instructor instead of having your back to her. The instructor was nice and helpful, offering a few spot-on corrections, I didn’t adore her, but I would definitely like to take the class again and really, I am not going to adore anyone new at 7am!

After class, I stopped to get a yummy latte and appreciate the fact that I had gotten a great workout in before the day had really begun. The days I spend in Philadelphia really are made so much nicer with a little Lithe-ing and this class was such a mighty fine way to start the day!

(Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via the Lithe blog FitHipHealthy. She was my instructor this morning, we did this move and no, I didn’t look nearly as good doing it! )