“Brick” workout: The workout that made me feel like I was hit by a brick…

On Saturday afternoon, I got the chance to try a “Brick” workout. A “Brick” is when you do a cycling/running back to back, two of the legs of a Triathalon – and the name apparently comes from the fact that it makes your legs feel like they are made out of bricks. It is one of those things I have wanted to try for awhile but just never have, since really, after a spin class, the last thing I have the motivation to do on my own is run! So, when I heard that Flywheel and Lululemon were teaming up to do one, I signed up right away.  Seriously, any chance to take a Flywheel class I take and to get to try something new? I’m in!

Even though MTA seemed like they were actively trying to make me miss the class, I made it up there in plenty of time to get all signed in, pick my bike and get my shoes. It seems like the UES Flywheel is a million miles away but every time I go to the studio, I am amazed by how quick it is to get there – plus the UES location is really starting to grow on me. Aleah Stander, who I have heard such great things about and who I have wanted to try for ages, taught the class.  It was such a great group of people who made it to try their hand at a Brick workout! They were so happy to be there and energetic about our unified adventure.  It made for a great time. That sort of packed, energized crowd always makes for an amazing ride. Aleah is awesome, positive, supportive and rallying – just as great as I had heard she was. Not only that but I got to ride next to Danielle, another fabulous Flywheel instructor, which totally upped my game for the ride. Did I mention I loved the group who assembled for this workout? The ride was just that: a straight spin class with no arms section, which made a few people grumble but which I loved. I mean really, we were doing a Brick, and there is no arm break in a Triathlon! As always, the ride inspired me to go all out and by the end my legs were quivering, so the idea that there was a run following that awesome class was hard to imagine.

We all gathered our stuff at the end and headed over a few blocks to the Lululemon store to get sorted into groups for our run.  I am pretty sure we lost some folks in the transition but 20 or so of us made it there. Abby Bales was the leader of the run portion of the Brick and she set about quick work of describing the route (bless her for choosing a route that ended with a downhill) and sorting us into pace groups. My group was the 10’ers and included both Aleah and Danielle. It was a 3.3 mile route but my legs really did feel like bricks so it was a really challenging 3 miles! Having the group support was awesome though and kept me going. Abby kept meeting the groups and cheering us on – which was so great! Having Abby on the trail rooting for us all was amazing. It was the first time I had ever run with a run group leader and really, I can see why people love it!

Word has it that there is going to be another “Brick” Workout again at the end of the month, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

(Photo: Abby Bales via Facebook of the Brick group at the end of our run. Our fearless leaders are in the center and that is me hiding up in the top row!)