Week 4: The final HRF Training Camp

Tuesday was the final day of HRF Training Camp and while I won’t miss getting up at 4:25 in the morning, I WILL miss the amazing, supportive, cool group of people. Holly was under the weather today and I was fully expecting to get an email postponing that morning’s class, so in a lot of ways, I wasn’t so mentally prepared for the early morning at all. It changed pretty quickly once I got there. I, for some reason, ended up getting there before anyone else and for a few minutes, thought I had missed the cancellation memo.  But slowly, people started trickling in… including the very bundled and hoarse Holly. She is such a trooper but warned us that the session might include a lot more whistle usage than normal – which it did, but some reason, that whistle doesn’t ever annoy me. Go figure.

We split into groups for our warm-ups and sprints. My group included some of my favorite super-competitive teammates – where we all just sort of look at each other and go “It is on!”. I love being pushed and it was so much fun to really race in the sprints. I have always thought I wasn’t competitive at all but I have slowly been learning that is just a complete delusion on my part. I love a race! Then, it was off to the core portion and then stations – all fun, but not as much fun as the racing!

After class, we all gathered for our final pep-talk and then we got to have coffee, because one of the women in the group brought coffee for everyone!  Which is just amazing. Seriously, to have thought it through enough at that time in the morning to lug a box of Starbucks coffee, cups, sweeteners and milk…really, it was the sweetest end to what has been a great experience. She was my partner the first session and set such a positive, supportive tone for pairing off that I never dreaded it like I normally would in a class.  So maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did.

Standing around talking to everyone, it was so obvious that no one was quite ready for this to really be the end. I am so grateful that I got to participate but mostly that Holly, the dynamo that she is, has gathered such an interesting, varied, kick-ass group of people.

One of the women in the group asked me if I was going on Holly’s upcoming Mexico trip.  I said “no”, and she said “Well you are coming back for Training Camp in the Spring, though, right?” I told her “I hope so!” and I really do hope so. I can’t imagine not doing it again…it was too great not too!

Then, she said perhaps my favorite thing ever: “OH good! We can’t lose our little Katherine Hepburn now can we??” I have no idea really what that means, but that is a comparison I will take any day of the week!

(image above: A random piece of internet goodness )