Starting the month off on the right note….

I have been thinking about it a lot lately but last week, I finally froze my regular gym membership. I have been spending so much time doing other fun fitness things that I haven’t been going to the gym very much – and really I would rather use that money to try out new things. The kicker though, was that FITiST was offering a 4-pack deal that really was almost the same price as my monthly membership. Most of their plans have very specific class breakdowns (2 Spin, 2 Core, 2 Yoga etc.) and are a little out of my range at the moment, but this one is a free-for-all usage. I LOVE that.

Since today was the first Monday of a new month, I wanted to get the week off to a good start and also set the tone for the whole damn month – so I went to my favorite spot in the city, Flywheel’s Flatiron studio. I know I have said it before but if I could, I would be there every day. I have never taken a bad class there and as a whole, the instructors are overwhelmingly positive and energetic. I may have favorites but I would take a class with any of them and be totally confident that I would have an amazing ride. PLUS, I love that they give you shoes for free, that there are bottles of water to take (which is good, my bottle just doesn’t sit well in the little water holder on the bike) and the studio is just SO nice! I signed up for my class last night and was a little worried that I wouldn’t have made it into the system, but they had already converted my FITiST reservation into the Flywheel system, which meant my shoes were already in the little cubby by the front door waiting for me. It is the little things.

This morning was a Holly class. Not a big shocker, I know. I adore her classes and figure that two days of a little Holly motivation is a damn fine way to start the month off right. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of Training camp!  The class today was great, challenging and a total sweat-fest – exactly what I was looking for!

My grand plan with my 4-pack is to take one class a week, either at Flywheel or at Barry’s Boot Camp. It is funny looking at FITiST’s list of participating studios; it makes my head spin!





I love that I have a few to play with this month!

I have a good feeling about October…