Week 3: Appreciating the day…

Some days come at exactly the right time. Tuesday was one of those days. After fighting off a funk, due to a pulled groin muscle that had been hampering my activities for a few days, that morning, I woke up and I drank my protein shake with some of the Health Warrior Chia seeds and was reminded of how lucky I was to even get to go to Training Camp.  So, already in a better state of mind, off I went to my favorite part of the week. I say it every week, but I am constantly amazed at how much I like the people in my Training Camp. I know that it feels like such a tight team because of the amazing and vivacious Holly but the group as a whole, just rocks. I am not a morning person by any stretch but Tuesday morning, for the second week in a row, I was there without coffee – and was HAPPY about it. Seriously people, that means a lot. Once again, class was a mix up of some things we had done before but varied enough to be interesting and engaging – even if Holly was a little whistle-happy during the session!  It was just plain fun – kicking my ass yet still feeling like play time, all while watching the sun rise over the city while working out by the water. That is just a mighty fine way to start the day!

Then, it was off to coffee before heading home. I walked with the group heading to Flywheel, since I always walk over that way to get the Q home.   I sometimes will train-hop to get as close as possible but on the way home, I like the straight shot express train.  I was back in Brooklyn by 8:30am and while I was in the train station, ran into the fella heading off to work. It is amazing to me, after all of these years, how excited I get when I randomly run into him, never failing to make my day a little brighter.


My afternoon plans got a serious upgrade the night before when I won a free spot in a Real Pilates mat class with Juan Carlos Penuela.  I love random classes popping up! So, ok, just last week I was lamenting the state of mat classes and my dislike for them but, this was at a studio that I adore. I could go to ANYTHING there and be sure it was going to be great.  The class was tiny and when I walked in, the instructor asked me “How long have you studied Pilates?” I totally stammered through an answer–since once a long time ago I did lots but in the last few years almost not at all. I remember enough to fake it though most classes, but a really good teacher will see though it in a minute and know I might as well be a newbie. Juan was really good and I didn’t stand a chance of bluffing my way through the class. So the very charming, handsome dancer poked and prodded me for a whole hour making sure my form was correct. Luckily, his accent made the constant reminders about my abdomen come out charming and not annoying! It was the kind of class that reminds you why Pilates can be so great, because it is so hard when every millimeter is watched. Seriously though, I swear, I think he had just a sick sense when my core wasn’t engaged enough. “Abdomen!” It will be a long time before I get that out of my head when I do any core work…which is probably a good thing!

It was such a beautiful, Indian-Summer kind of day that I decided after class to walk home, since really, the walk over the glorious Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn is one of my favorites in the city.


Tuesday felt like the universe giving me a little reminder of this important fact: Life may not be perfect but it really is wonderful.