Week 2 of Holly Rilinger Fitness Boot Camp…

On Tuesday morning, week 2 of HRF Boot Camp, it was really beyond me to set the coffee pot to go off at 4:30 in the morning. That was just too ridiculous an hour to admit to getting up, so I went without coffee. Plus, then I could look forward to some Joe’s Art of Coffee in Chelsea after class because by then, it would be open. Ahhh, coffee as a reward – one of my favorite bribes!

This week the weather was spotty, threatening rain and dreary and yet, I have to say, class was even better this week than last time.  I can’t get over how much everyone seems to like one another and just how into being there everyone is – even at that hour! Maybe it is because we all recognize that it is a ridiculous time to be up and doing anything other than giving it our complete all. It really is a sight to behold. As the girl who was never ever picked for the team, who sat on the sidelines and just watched, getting to be part of Holly Rilinger’s team is pretty mind blowing. Nice that it came at a time when I really can kick-ass at anything I put my mind to.

The first part of class this week involved sprints. We warmed up with a short jog, knee-ups, side shuffles and the twisting cross-over run thing that makes me feel completely like the most uncoordinated human on the planet. Then we moved on to group 50 foot sprints with 10 push-ups in between each of the 10 rounds. In my group of 4 was Mary – who is damn zippy. I loved having someone so fast in my group because it made me run so much faster – I couldn’t beat her but I came in second every single time and sometimes by just a little. It is so true that you rise to the level of those around you, when you have even a moment of believing yourself to be in the game. Sweet.

Then the ab section, which was a nice moment to get to lie down after getting wiped out by the sprints – I don’t think I was supposed to be that happy to lie down but I was. We finished the class with a mix of jogging, sprints and LOTS and LOTS of lunges and squat variations. Which in fact kicked my ass, officially, but also by the end of class, I felt like a million bucks. Go figure, who would have thought that without coffee I could feel that good?

Then of course, it was straight off to get coffee. Two of the amazing women from class ended up joining me there and it was just an awesome start to the day. The workout, the company and the reward coffee – it is hard to think of a better start to a dreary day.