Day 1 of Training Camp, where I try to wake up my sleeping athlete…


Late yesterday afternoon, I found out that I had won a contest by Health Warrior Chia Seeds for a spot in Holly Rilinger’s September Mini Training Camp.  It started today. I love things like that; no time to wait, just boom! Here you go, now start!  I got to choose between the evening or morning session. I chose the morning because I just couldn’t wait to start and on the theory that it would free up the rest of the day in case something else came up, since the camp is every Tuesday for the next month.

This morning, when I realized I really needed to leave the house at 5:20am to make it there, the decision seemed a little more questionable! However, as I hustled through Brooklyn and the streets of Manhattan, it began to feel more like an adventure. It sort of amazed me how many people were out and about that early, so while the streets were sleepy, they weren’t empty by any means. I got there about 15 minutes or so early, which was nice because it meant I could actually figure out where the hell I was really going. I don’t know the area, so “23rd and West Side Highway at the grassy knoll” wasn’t nearly as obvious as I would have thought it was going to be! Once I found what I figured had to be it, it seemed a little bit clearer what in my bleary-eyed state hadn’t been immediately apparent.  When I entered into the field, I realized that across the way stood Holly and a couple of other people.  Really, I was so excited to be there – even at that ungodly hour. It was beautiful to look over the river at that time right before sunrise, when the sky is that amazing periwinkle shade of blue. I sat on the rocks, filled out the waiver (there is always a waiver to fill out), and waited for class to start. Conversation was a little beyond me, so I just watched the water and waited as people started to file in and the morning buzz started to grow.

Holly immediately made the group feel like a team, introducing everyone and doing a hands-in rallying talk about why we are all doing this: supporting each other and being accountable. Seriously it was impressive. I was never on a team before and never felt like I had missed anything, but at that moment, all I could think was that maybe I had been missing out because this is just so inspiring. After some dynamic warm-ups, we split into pairs. Holly teamed us all up and while I normally hate pair things – I loved having a partner for this. We cheered for each other, high-fived after finishing sprint drills and while swapping spots. I almost didn’t notice how hard I was working…almost. I really do have a soft spot for clapping and cheering in a workout. Then it was off to 12 minute round stations. Most of the stations I was completely into: step-ups, dips, jumping rope, side shuffles, planks, sprints, etcetera, but man-oh-man, do I HATE burpies! Thankfully, I can even do hateful burpies for a minute. The class ended with another team exercise that really did just leave us all fired up! I can’t wait to go back next week.

Oh, and at the end, we all got a package of Health Warrior Chia stuff since they are sponsoring the camp! So, not only did I walk out of there with a huge smile on my face from a hard, rallying, inspired class, but also with a present!

Gotta love that.


(bottom quote: apparently my new motto for the next month from Holly’s website; Top photo: Holly Rilinger via facebook from our first day)