The perfect weekend morning

When people ask me what my favorite workout in NYC is, I almost always say the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp with Ariane Hundt. I love starting my weekend on the Brooklyn Bridge with that class on Saturday mornings; it is such a perfect start to the weekend. Although waking up at 7:30am on the weekend is always a challenge for me, Saturday morning I managed to get myself up, made a lovely iced coffee and protein shake and left the house remarkably on time.

This summer I haven’t made it to many of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp classes – either the weather has been too hot (I am a wuss when it comes to 90 + degree days) or I have been too sore from other things to go. Ariane really enjoys kicking your ass and is GOOD at it. Her classes are hard and I have known her for so long she won’t let me get away with anything. Of course, that is one of the reasons why I love her class, and really will only take her – if there is another teacher I cancel to save that class for an Ariane butt kicking. Saturday though, was such a perfect morning, sunny but not crazy hot, Ariane teaching and 15 of us – a group of first timers and veterans. Ariane is so good at gearing the class for the group level, while still making it hard for everyone individually. The class runs from the Manhattan side of the bridge to Brooklyn then back again. Filled with stops for pushups and step-ups at the benches along the way, squat and lunge stops and resistance band work, it is an intense, full body workout all while you get to really look at the amazing views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Inevitably, in every class, I have that moment when I am I think: “What an gorgeous city – I can’t believe I get to live here!”.  Every time – even after all of these years. That view is such a great distraction from the hard workout at hand that you almost forget you are getting your ass handed to you.

After class, instead of taking the subway up to my favorite Greenmarket in Union Square, I decided to make use of the cool “NYC Summer Streets” to get there. I love that every year in August NYC shuts down a major street to cars from lower Manhattan to Central Park for bikers, runner, and walkers to have a huge stretch of road to play on. There were stops along the way for bike tune-ups, free bike rentals, exercise classes, free snacks and fitness magazines. Lord knows I love freebees! It was a nice 2 mile extra run, filled with great people watching and enjoying the rare opportunity to play on a huge, open, car-less street in New York.

When I got to Union Square, I stopped at Joe’s Coffee for some more iced coffee. Then it was off to the Greenmarket and a quick tool around Lululemon before heading back to Brooklyn to wander around with the fella. It really was the absolute perfect morning!

A morning doesn’t get more perfect than that.

(Top photo credit: Ariane Hundt via Facebook)