FBS in Philadelphia -The Lithe Cult is coming

Not too long ago while in Philadelphia, I ran into a friend of mine on the street whom I hadn’t seen in awhile and she looked ridiculously amazing. She had always been fit but this was just impressive – lean but really strong. She raved about Lithe and the wonders of the woman who founded it, about how she hit things you never even knew you needed to work on,  about the fun of the classes and how hard they were.  Between that glowing review and the recent story on Well+Good about Lithe’s planned expansion to NYC, it seemed liked something that I should check out. The very next day after that run in with my friend, a deal popped up for Lithe. A total sign and I snapped it up of course! The deal was for 2 “Lithe 101” and 3 regular classes.

The “Lithe 101”, was nice but for all the talk that they give about how this is NOT a barre class, Pilates, or Physique 57 class, if you have taken any of those, this class will feel very familiar.  For the most part “Lithe 101” was filled with movements that were easy for even uncoordinated me to pick up, even given the cheerleader peppy choreography. By the second one, I was really ready to move on to the regular classes, since they sounded like so much more fun.

I love the Lithe’s class’s ridiculous names, since it makes picking one a hoot. Last night’s  was called “Hot Legs™” and as I told the girl behind the desk when I signed in, I have absolutely no idea what I signed up for.  The studio was filled with lots of very serious Lithers who all were talking about their daily classes. Waiting for the previous class to let out, everyone started to put on these giant, tight black socks that went up to the very top of our thighs- “like dancers going to a recital!” – exclaimed the very cheery instructor who put them down by the door. I wrestled my socks on and waited with everyone else for the studio to open up.

Once everyone shuffled into class, we all took our places at the barre. Then the class just starts: cues are called out, but you really are just supposed to know what the hell a “Sumo”, “Liberty” or “Attitude” is, which, since your back was to the instructor, got a little confusing. Mostly though, I got the swing of it pretty quickly, once I realized the gist of it. The class was basically a lot of sliding lunges, squats and variations of donkey kicks at the barre. About midway through the class, I really started to wonder if my legs would work at all after this class and was dripping sweat. More then a few times I had a complete “what the fuck am I supposed to be doing??” look, and when the instructor caught my eye, she would laugh. No, I didn’t really care, since I would have laughed too. Towards the end, when we had finally moved on to the floor, I thought, “oh, this isn’t bad!”, and immediately followed that with the thought, “shit, something awful is coming”. But by then, it was almost over.

I really like the green juice they offer at the Lithe studios – it is one of the super fancy Norwalk press versions.  I got one after class, justifying that it would make for a nice picture since taking one inside the studio just wasn’t going to happen!

I can’t wait for next week’s class…