Jesse Alexander’s Kickass Flywheel Class


Yesterday, an awesomely random post from Flywheel popped up for anyone interested in attending a free 10:30 am class in the UES studio, taught by Jesse Alexander.  The catch was that it was going to be filmed, but as anyone who knows me will vouch for, a film crew has never stopped me from a free fitness class!  I have been seen in clips from Japan to LA sweating it out, so the film crew warning didn’t bother me at all.

So after not being at Flywheel in months I have gotten to go to two classes in as many weeks. That is completely awesome. I hadn’t been to the UES Flywheel location since they had switched it over from the Ride the Zone space. It is gorgeous! It isn’t really shocking since Flywheel’s studio aesthetic is so distinct but somehow, because I knew what the old space looked like, I was still surprised by it.

I checked in, got my shoes and sat down on the bench and waited for the studio to open up.  I love this part. I love hearing people talk about an upcoming class, especially when it is with someone I have never taken.  Let’s just say this: Jesse apparently has some very adamant fans at Flywheel, they were practically swooning talking about how they hadn’t been able to take his class lately.  Ardent fans are always a good sign in my book.

I haven’t taken a guy spinning instructor in a very long time and Jesse is so very GUY.  As the class started I was a little worried that was going to annoy me, since it felt a little like being part of the spinning version of ESPN Sportscenter – lots of team talk and sports analogies.  About 2 songs in I was starting to grin, and I knew I was starting to get hooked. Then he swore.  Oh man, it might be wrong but that completely won me over.  Maybe because I felt like swearing because it was such a hard class with SO MUCH resistance the WHOLE time or maybe I just love when the veneer comes off a little bit and people are just impassioned.  Jesse played some great music, lots of rap and one Madonna song which apparently is really unusual in his classes. He does seem much more likely to play Linkin Park than the standard spin songs, so I can see how Madonna was an odd selection for his class.  By the time I got off the bike I realized my legs were like jello and I was a sweaty mess -a sign of a great spin teacher and good class in my book.

But my favorite moment?  When he told everyone to they could do anything they wanted to, they “just have to be that shit” – I almost fell off my bike.  Probably good that the news crew didn’t come to this class but I am damn glad I did.