Someday you might have to punch a bear (or why boxing is a good skill to have)

This morning in my mailbox was the story of a Former U.S. ski team member attacked by bear who survived because she punched the bear in the face. It was accompanied by a note from my best friend that said ” I just thought you’d appreciate that her fitness, common sense and her total studness of a boxing move got her out of this situation!”

Due to one of those random lifebooker/groupon/buywithme deals, earlier this year I got to go to a straight up boxing gym. I worked on my jab, right hook, combinations, and hand speed with a former Golden Gloves finalist, Carlos. I loved every minute of those 90 minute classes at the Tribeca Sports Center. When people were horrified by this new activity, I always replied “It is an amazing workout AND it prepares you if anything crazy ever happens!” See people? If a black bear attacks I am prepared!

I really do have to get back to Carlos soon to work on that jab…