The Holly Experience

For the last year or so it seemed liked everyone I knew was mentioning Holly Rilinger. It always seemed to be in that “I am letting you in on a little secret” sort of way. Geeze, even my fella was like “oh you know about Holly?” since apparently in the NY Jujitsu circles she is whispered about. Not too long ago there was even talk about her going to Biggest Loser (given the news about Jillian Michael’s recent investment in Flywheel, it seems like that might be the basis of this bit of gossip) that was sort of the straw that broke the camels back so to speak – I knew that I had to check out what the hell was going on in that class.  I never seem to have the money to go to Flywheel but when I DO get to go I always go to Kate’s class (she is also awesome, btw) so when the amazing site FITiST offered me a free class of my choosing I just had to see what all the fuss was about Holly. It seemed like a sign.

I love Flywheel. It really is my absolute favorite workout place, if I suddenly won the lottery, it would be where I would go everyday. But sadly the lottery hasn’t happened yet, so I don’t get to go very often.  So Monday’s 9:30am class with Holly was a treat, a free, joyful treat.

When I go to Flywheel classes, I like to be in the second row but right in front of the instructor. Weird but I like being accountable – I like being in eye site of the person kicking my ass. The slight bummer of this experience is that there was a hiccup with the booking of the class and I ended up on a bike in the corner under the monitors. Ugh. It was so irksome but it happens and I settled into my sideline bike and prepared to have Holly’s class not live up to the hype. As I set up my bike I realized Jimmy Fallon was on the bike behind me, so I guess the sideline corner bike has some perks for noisiness!

The class itself was really all it was cracked up to be. It was hands down the most inspiring, hard indoor cycling class I have ever been too. Holly is passionate, joyful, challenging, and ridiculously ripped. I wanted to keep up. I wanted to do her proud. I wanted to have arms like her. Damn people. When they talk about “celebrity trainers” they need to be talking about Holly. She should be snapped up by someone for the big leagues, but until she is, even my super broke self walked out of the class and tried to figure out how to budget in a class with Holly at least once a month.

Holly has a great site which I have been pouring over of course. Now if I can only figure out how to try her boot camp class…..

photo: Copyright © 2011 Holly Rilinger