Finally Trying The Fhitting Room: The Kick-Ass Session With Daury Dross & Benjamin Wegman

Fhitting Room studioOn Sunday, I finally made it to the Fhitting Room. I had been avoiding it because of the name and as the daughter of a teacher, things that are intentionally spelled wrong make me crazy. That said, I had had been hearing SO many good things about this studio it was starting to get embarrassing that I hadn’t tried it.  Walking in to the Fhitting Room, located on the Upper East Side, I was immediately handed a bottle of water and green hand towel and while I was filling out my form, the instructor for the class, Duary Dross, came out to say hello.  This small studio was quickly winning me over!  As I got the rundown and saw the tiny lockers, I wondered how in the world I would be able to stuff my huge bag in it…this was not going to be pretty. Luckily, there were big “cubbies” in the main room…phew! Ok, first thing first – walking into a studio that has a springed floor made me just want to hop around like a fool. I had heard that they had it – but since I’d never really been on one, I didn’t think it would be so springy when you were just walking on it! I seriously had to reign myself in.

In the main studio, the second instructor, Benjamin Wegman, was getting to know all of the new faces in this class. There were only 8 of us, so the fact that every class there has two instructors made the student to instructor ratio completely awesome…but it also meant that there was no room to hide!

Fhitting Room Daury Dross and Ben WegmanAfter a quick check in on everyone to see if there were any injuries, we launched into the warm up section – a flurry of jumping jacks, squats, pushups and planks. Daury and Ben would switch off between demonstrating the moves we would be doing and correcting everyone’s form. The two guys played off of each other, keeping things light and fun while they KICKED our asses. Along with many versions of squats & planks, we also used a TRX-like device to do incline rows and one-legged pistil squats – doing these moves, slowly and with Duary and Ben keeping a keen eye on our forms where ridiculously hard. Then there was a plank, pushup, mountain climber balancing on a medicine ball while Duary would bounce around us making the challenging moves, comically hard with the floor shaking under us. I  was breathing hard and wiped and when I did my first time check in this kickass session, I realized that we were only 25 minutes into this class  – my only thought was “Oh, I am screwed.”  The next section was a timed “As Many Rounds As Possible” of 12 Thuster Squats, 12 Push-ups, 12 Squat Jumps, 12 High Knees. which was just evil. It was 12 minutes of going as fast as possible though the moves while still having our forms constantly monitored. By the time we got to the final section, I was feeling like I was going to keel over but thankfully it included a rowing section. By that point, just know that there was something I could kill made me really happy.  At the end, when we were finally stretching, I was completely wiped out -in a way I haven’t been in a VERY long time.

In 55 minutes, Daury and Ben kicked my ass, while keeping an eagle eye on form so you never worried about getting hurt while still making it a ridiculously fun class – that is an amazing feat!   I can’t wait to go back.

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Top photos from the Fhitting Room website and bottom image, just a little bit of internet goodness.


Ready To Work: Exceed Physical Culture With Ed Cashin

This week I finally made it up to Exceed Physical Culture to take a class. I have been hearing about how great the UES studio is for ages, so even though the “full body” description was a little vague, I knew I would be in good hands with one of the founders, Ed Cashin.

Exceed2 Ed has 25-years of personal training experience where he specializes in TRX, Russian Kettlebell and sport-specific training. Exceed Physical Culture was started because of his belief that “clients should have a facility that allows them to vary their workouts in an atmosphere that inspires results.” I don’t know why but I was shocked when I made it to Exceed and found the stunning street level studio. The main space is large with a glassed-off space in the back where the group classes are held – the space even includes Monkey Bars! The rest of the space that includes another downstairs studio, is used for personal training.  When I got there on Monday morning, the studio was filled to the brim with people working hard – always an inspiring sight to walk into!  I hurried downstairs to the changing room, stashed my stuff and made my way back up to class. I was ready to work.


I met Ed and he gave me a brief overview of how the class would go before it started. We were going to be doing 4 stations per round – rowing/jump rope, TRX, Bosu Ball and a Kettlebell station with a pushup “break” in between each round.

After a brief dynamic warm-up session, we were broken into groups of four and did each exercise for time. The change up in this class was that the time at each station was based on whatever group was doing rowing. Each time, the rowers were given a distance in meters to hit and everyone else went at their station until the rowers covered that distance!

XCD1Exceed7There were 18 people in the class – which seemed huge for the small group space but once the class started, it never seemed crowded at all. I started out on the Bosu ball.  Ed described the first move, a push up with one hand on the Bosu ball with a belly slap with the other hand when I came up.  I knew I was in for a fun, ass-kicking session if that was the starter move!  Next station, I was on the jump rope and got a chance to scope out the room.  It was a fit crew and each station had some fun, challenging move – at TRX there was a one legged squat with leg lift, Kettlebells started out with a squat with press up. For the following rounds, each station had a new move that Ed would explain during our pushup “break.” I was so impressed with his ability to mix in so many creative and challenging moves using so few props!

Exceed4This class kicked my ass and I loved every single minute of it. In each round there were moves I had never tried before –and I loved the competitive cardio on the rower thrown into the mix. Knowing that the whole class was counting on me to get those meters done so they could move on made me haul ass. It was so fun to have all of these challenging new moves and really see what I could do. At each station, for every round, I was impressed with Ed’s ability to always be there, checking everyone’s form constantly – that kind of attention and focus on form is what makes a challenging class absolutely amazing.  I can’t wait to go back… and I really want to try out those monkey bars!


Photos and awesome video by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media

On Fire At Pilates ProWorks & GapFit’s Awesome Event: TRX With Will Arrufat

6A few weeks ago, I received an email from Pilates ProWorks about an awesome event, two days of free classes sponsored by GapFit. It got even better though, since not only were they sponsoring the classes but everyone who attended got a pair of free pants too! Seriously? The first time I read the email, I assumed I’d read that part wrong but immediately shot over to their site to sign myself up for some of the fun! I mean really, I LOVED Jenn’s class the first time I took it and have been dying to go back. So I immediately booked a class with her but then I also booked a TRX class with Will Arrufat, since I friend whose opinion I totally respect recently raved about him. I knew the free classes would fill up in a second….

For this event, we checked in, then talked to the GapFit Girls, who offered us one of three styles of pants. I chose the slim boot cut version since I have a lot of capris and really need some longer pants. I figured they’d be fine, but I was stunned by just how flattering they were! Seriously, the GapFit pants are slightly compressing and made me look really long & sleek. SCORE on the cute free pants!

The TRX classes take place in the smaller of the two Pilates Pro Works studios, so after slipping on my new pants to wear, I made my way into class. When I walked in, Will was already explaining how to use the TRX to two other students and asked me if I’d used TRX before. My answer “Yes, but not enough to know how to actually move the straps!” A true and slightly pathetic description, because in every TRX class I’ve done, I’m always the one fiddling with the straps for far too long. He just laughed and then after the entire class assembled, went over how to adjust the straps. It was easily the clearest and most helpful, concise description I’ve ever heard in a TRX class, which immediately made me like him.


Will is a Personal Trainer, TRX STC Instructor and a 2012 Nike Ambassador from NYC and just all around fun. I mean, how can you not love a trainer who bounces around the room for the entire class, yelling encouragement (and occasionally bad 90’s phrases like “show me the money!”) all the while leading you through a ridiculously challenging class. We would do three rounds of an exercise with a break for mountain climbers or jumping jacks. The hardest part by far though was the ab section at the end. It was ridiculously brutal. With our feet in the straps, the crunches, pikes and oblique twists made me want to cry…. and come back constantly until it didn’t. We ended with a killer set challenge of 20 each of crunches, oblique twists, shoulder shrug/ pikes and then finished off with weighted burpees. Brutal! I finished third of the group, shockingly….

By the end, the windows had steamed up and Will bellowed “WELL DONE! THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I get to write my saying now…” And on the steamed windows he proceeded to write…EN FUEGO and truthfully, by the end, I did feel like I was on fire. It was a well planned class, where Will left me in a whimpering puddle by the end, but not so that I was so sore the next day that I couldn’t move… an almost impossible balance!

I think I can
Main images from Pilates ProWorks website. End quote just a little internet goodness…