Mile High Run Club: Training Every Runner To Aim Higher

It should be mentioned upfront, that I am NOT a runner.  The fact that I recently fell during a run and actually injured myself had upped my “not really a fan of running” to an almost shocking level of active avoidance. I really needed to get over it, so when I was invited to check out Mile High Run Club, the new runner’s boutique studio, I knew I had and needed to go.

MHRC logo

Mile High Run club is a boutique fitness studio geared at both advanced runners and those just looking to improve. The studio opened in the newly happening NoHo fitness hub – just around the corner from Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp. It is a beautiful, clean, modern studio, with a bank of small lockers in front. Thankfully, in the gorgeous changing room, there were a handful of larger lockers and I managed to snag one, since my huge backpack was just comically too big for the small ones in the communal space. I stashed my stuff, left my ego at the door and made my way into the studio.

MHRC TreadmillsDecked out with awesome Woodway Treadmills, which more closely mimic the road and just feel better under your feet, MHRC classes are split in two different versions “Dash 28” and “The Distance.”  The class that I took was “Dash 28” with Debora Warner, the founder and program director of Mile High Run Club. For the last several years, Debora has coached hundreds of runners independently through her private training business.  Debora’s goal with MHRC classes? “You’re not alone on the treadmill anymore. My class will educate you and inspire you to aim higher.” I love the idea of getting true run coaching while in a group class setting because really, I need all the coaching I can get!

Dash 28 is a 45-minute class for runners of all levels.  The name comes from the fact that it consists of about 28 minutes of structured intervals followed by 10 minutes of strength training on the floor. Our class did a short warm-up jog on the treadmill while Debora checked in on injuries and levels of experience. Then it was on to the floor for some squats, lunges and some plyometric moves to get our bodies ready for the next 28 minutes. On all of the treadmills, there was a small laminated guide for what ranges you should be within if you are a beginner or if you are advanced – I obviously knew I would fall in the beginner category. I followed along and struggled with every bit. I was distinctly the slowest in the room but was never, ever made to feel bad about it. I did what my hill run was. I did what my sprint was. The goal of MHRC isn’t to just teach to the highest level in the room, or call out crazy numbers to hit on the treadmill, but to give everyone in the room the tools to be their best – whatever that is. At the end of the 28 minutes, we hopped off the treadmills for some kettle bell and core work.

MHRC kettlebellsAt the end of Dash 28, I was spent, but with a new desire to get my running, at the very least, back to a respectable level. Mile High Run Club is a safe, supportive studio where you can just work on getting better – in a group setting. Watching the good runners of the room that night, I wanted to be them. I can’t wait to go back and work on getting better. The best part though about my first session at MHRC, was that it was the first time in months that I actually wanted to run again and that is just an amazing thing….

dreams dont work unless you do


Photos & logo courtesy of Mile High Run Club. End quote just a little bit of internet goodness.

Commitment Day & Starting 2013 Off Right

Commitment Day

On New Year’s Day, I ran in the inaugural NYC Commitment Day– a 5K run/walk that is put on in 30 major cities across the US, to foster an idea that I love:

“Commitment Day is a way to get people moving and excited about starting 2013 with a renewed commitment to living a healthy and active life, instead of simply making resolutions.”

I wasn’t planning on participating. I haven’t run at all except for a few very short sessions on a treadmill since the NYC Triathlon. However, one of my favorite fitness partners in crime, Julia from FitJourney, did want to do it and was already signed up. After a few days of being on the fence, I realized that I really wanted to be there for my friend’s very first race and to get back into running myself. I really needed to just start running again…to remember that I could and to not over-think it, because really, I was just focused on being there to support my friend. Of course, no surprise at all, but Julia killed it. She was steady and kept going, which really is the key to any race. Turns out, I needed the Commitment Day run too – I needed to remember that you just have to keep going.

New Year’s Day was REALLY cold. That morning, I bundled up and met Julia at Pier 84 to kick off 2013 right. If it hadn’t been for Julia’s drive to run her first race, there was no way I would have run that morning because really, I just can’t motivate myself to run when it’s that cold – but I am so glad I did! It was a great crowd filled with all levels of runners – from those that walked the majority of the time to the ones that sprinted and everything in between. There were so many groups and individuals supporting one another. It was an inspiring event, being a part of so many people committing to a healthier year ahead, for themselves and for each other. It was awesome to be there and run with Julia, but my favorite part was seeing how supportive her husband and daughter were. They made an awesome sign (which they sweetly included me on) and so loudly cheered for her. They cheered at the start, took a cab down to cheer at the halfway point and then back again to cheer at the finish line. It was awesome. It’s funny… it is so easy to forget how much support means in doing something big… After Commitment Run w Awesome Sign

In the last year, I’ve met so many amazing people who inspire me and make me more determined to work harder and get better.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the New Year than to get run with one of them.

2013 is going to be a kickass year and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Enjoy life

Top photo from Commitment Day’s Facebook page, bottom photo from FitJourney’s Facebook page & bottom quote just a little bit of internet goodness.