Sometimes it takes time: I finally take my 3rd SLT class…

I’ve mentioned it before, but my goal, always, is to only talk about classes that I love. I don’t write up a lot of the classes I take, some because I have written about them so much that unless something new happens, I figure I have covered it. Some classes, though, it is because for whatever reason, I just didn’t love them. That doesn’t make them a bad class, per say, just not for me. There are classes people adore, that I spend the entire time wanting to throw my shoe at the instructor’s head. These days, I have gotten pretty good at knowing what I will hate and just skipping it. However, there are some classes that take a little bit to warm up to, which is why if there is a deal for something that seems like something I will love, I will snap it up. SLT was one of those cases.

This week, I went to my final SLT class, I had gotten a 3-class Gilt City deal ages ago and have been really slow in using them up. My first SLT class was with Jamie Lugo and I liked it but didn’t LOVE it. There wasn’t anything bad about that first class, but it just didn’t hook me. The second class I took with Natalie Uhling Pozatek, I really loved her class and it made me realize why people were completely hooked on SLT. Then, I got a tweet last week from a devoted SLT’er about joining her in a class, and I immediately said yes. After a little back and forth, we figured out the perfect time… and then I realized it would be with Jamie again. I signed up, figuring it would be fun anyway, even though I hadn’t been crazy about it the first time.  I was right.  It probably didn’t hurt that it was my 3rd class, the Megaformer moves were less foreign, and I was able to pick up what was supposed to be happening a little more quickly.  In this class, I was totally won over by Jamie. She was sweet, helpful and had good, solid corrections. All of her sequences flowed, were really challenging, with moves that were interesting and creative. My friend, who I went to class with, has been going every day and it was completely evident. She was so strong and I had to work extra hard, not to match her skill at this method (that wasn’t going to happen) but at least to keep from making a total ass of myself. It made the class tons of fun. I like it when someone in class is so inspiring – especially when I know them!

By the end of class, I was tired and felt really challenged by the great, interesting workout. I was also really sorry that it was the last time I was going to get to do it.  It might have taken me a little while to warm up to SLT but by the end of those 3 classes, I really loved the method and think it would be an amazing addition to any workout regimen. I finally really get exactly why they have such a devoted following.  They are one of the FITiST studios, though, so next time I spring for one of their awesome 4 packs, I might just have to make my way back to SLT….

Top image & design from SuperBrutte