“What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?”

I LOVE this beautiful reminder from Eric Stafford, using one of my favorite speeches by Alan Watts about following your passion. I am grateful to be inspired by so many amazing people in the fitness world that exemplify the idea every single day. The idea that I would be included in this round up of amazing people blows me away….

Training For Warriors at Body Space Fitness With Kelvin Gary & The Fierce Fitness Crew

Body Space Fitness1 Recently, I got the chance to check out Body Space Fitness when they offered a few free trial classes for their upcoming “Training for Warriors” program.  This training gym, which offers a few weekly small group classes but is mostly used for personal training, is one of the coolest gyms I’ve seen. It includes a couple of my favorite fun gym tools – the Prowler and battling ropes, but the coolest thing is the fact that half the space is covered in Astroturf, which is just awesome and practical.

Body Space Fitness4

“Training for Warriors” is a training system developed by expert sports coach Martin Rooney “from his numerous years of experience working with combat and team sports athletes.” It is a system designed to take you through metabolic challenges and strength work to teach athletes cutting edge techniques to keep them at their best. Body Space Fitness is getting ready to start an intensive, 8-week small group program for TFW that will meet 3 times per week.

The first class trial I went to, taught by founder of Body Space Fitness Kelvin Gary, I dragged Julia from FitJourney with me. We had such a ridiculously good time that we arranged to bring a fierce fitness crew to check out BSF the following weekend. It was just too good not to share. So on Saturday, we went there with Holly Rilinger, SinWorkouts and Jolene, which made for a ridiculously kickass group. Kelvin had us all start out with foam rollers since we had all come from other workouts, while he told us about the TFW workout.

Body Space Fitness6

We started out with some dynamic stretching and a brief warm-up before moving into the workout. This class was slightly different from the first one and included 6 stations that we rotated through three times. It included the Prowler- which I always love to push around, battling ropes, TRX back rows, an agility speed work ladder, and this awesome but ridiculously hard plank move with sandbag pull-through. We did 40 seconds of work, with 30 seconds to rest/rotate to the next session. It was one of those awesome crews were everyone is really focused but also super supportive so there was a lot of hooting, hollering and high-fives. Does it get better than that when you are getting your ass kicked? For the final section we finished with a round of sprints on the treadmill, medicine ball twists and bicep curl/shoulder presses. The class FLEW by and by the end I was wiped out but seriously happy to have gotten to workout with such a fierce crew.

Body Space Fitness2

Kelvin was awesome, just like in my first class with him, motivating everyone and keeping an eagle eye on form at each station.  His passion about training and about making sure that people are getting the most out of their session with him is always evident. Body Space Fitness is his vision and he is dedicated to keeping the classes small so that people get that kind of personal attention in any class that happens there. In a training group where you are being challenged like in TFW, that is huge. I can’t even imagine the amazing results people are going to get from 8 weeks of the Training for Warriors challenge…but I can’t wait to see!

Photos and video by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media

Training at Niketown: Holly Rilinger and the Nike Training Club

NTC Holly RilingerOn Sunday morning, I woke up ridiculously early to make it to the final Nike Training Club Session with Nike Master Trainer, Holly Rilinger,  a series of 3 special NTC classes held inside Niketown on 57th Street.  I was bound and determined to make it to at least one.  The NTC sessions are held inside the sports mecca before it opens and getting to go into this fitness addict’s version of FAO Schwartz while it was empty really was amazing.

Making my way up to the 3rd floor where the shoe department had been cleared out to make way for the class, I started to get really excited about what Holly had planned for us. Out of the 20 or so people there, I only knew a handful but they quickly gave me the lowdown on what to expect.  Holly’s NTC sessions where obviously based on the Nike Women’s fitness app but also on her own popular bootcamps where she gives a joyful, high-spirited team take on the minute intervals.

Agility Drill with Holly Rilinger

Holly kicked off the workout with everyone in a circle pounding on the ground with a “GO team” yell to get everyone out of their sleepy Sunday morning state and kicked up the energy of the room. It certainly woke me up! Then the large group was split into two, with Holly planted in the middle and everyone facing into her.  We quickly launched into a dynamic movement warmup – lots of fast feet (our go to between any exercise), high knees, butt kicks and a move she called the “backup dancer”, which I hadn’t had nearly enough coffee to actually perform. It’s funny, I normally feel like store classes are easy versions of any workout, but this one wasn’t even a tiny bit easy from the moment it started. We did minute intervals of burpees, squats, jumping lunges, v-ups, Frogs (these moves that were just an evil variation of a burpee), jumping jacks, pushups, speed skaters and situps. Holly, of course, included some agility drills too– which I was terrible at but loved. Those drills and all the classic bootcamp moves, combined with Holly’s infectious joy and determination, made for a really hard but wildly fun workout.

Someone once told me “If you stop when there is less then a minute left, it is your mind that gave up, not your body” – so minute interval based workouts destroy me, since I kill myself to keep going. Of course, Holly is also so ridiculously motivating that I can’t ever imagine quitting on anything she asks me to do in a workout. By the time we gathered for our final team circle, I was wiped out and blissfully happy. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I am so glad I made it to the final one of 2012!  I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Holly’s Nike Training Club sessions in 2013….

Photos and Video by Eric Stafford, Stafford Sports Media

Playing On The NFL Giants’ Turf: Nike Training Club’s Epic Event #COUNTS

The announcement I saw was a little vague: “Train with us. Join Master Trainer Marie Purvis for a football inspired Nike Training Club Workout. Tuesday, October 23rd, 7:30-10:30, MetLife Stadium”. Nike Training Club, the cool fitness app that Nike Women developed, once in awhile has live events and this one sounded like it had the potential to be just EPIC. Seriously, how often are you ever going to get the opportunity to workout at MetLife Stadium? Even before I knew what was in store for the night, I wanted in.  I signed up immediately.

NTC had arranged buses to take the 300 of us who were lucky enough to attend out to MetLife Field, home to both the Giants and the Jets. The majority of the group came from the Niketown location but I managed to snag one of the spots on the bus leaving from the Nike Flatiron store. Score! It made the getting to the bus, and home after, super speedy…which is always nice. I met my bus buddy way early, and we snagged seats and settled in for the adventure. I fully expected the ride out to East Rutherford, NJ (where the stadium is) to take awhile but it flew by – it didn’t hurt that I had fun people to talk to, though!

We filed in through the players’ entrance and into the locker rooms where we checked in, showed the wristbands we had been given on the bus, and were given either home or away gear. My white wrist band that I had been given on the bus meant that I was on the home team.  My uniform of the night was a long sleeve, white Hyperwarm top and a grey Giants short sleeve Dryfit top to go over it. After we all got suited up and checked our bags, we got to head out to Giants field. I headed out there right away. Lots of people spent a long time in the locker room but I just wanted to be out on the field.  The only thing I really wanted was to stand in that field and just take it in.

Nike had set up a game entrance, complete with smoke machine, for us all to go through and had a photographer take our pictures as we entered the field. So freaking cool. Then, I was out on the field.  It was a slightly chilly, damp night but it so didn’t matter – being out there was just electric.  There were stations to practice throwing the football, kick a field goal, and catch a pass in the endzone  – and at each station there were coaches giving us pointers. I was not great at anything but tried EVERYTHING because seriously, when am I ever going to get another chance to do any of those things in an NFL stadium again?!!

Stationed on the large stage in the middle of the field for the main event of the evening were Marie Purvis & Alex Molden, two Nike Master Trainers who led us through the NTC football themed workout. Also on hand were Holly Rilinger (Home team) and Chelsey Pagana (Away team), two Nike Master Trainers, who were out on platforms in the crowd to pump everyone up and make sure people who were far away from the main stage actually knew what we were supposed to be doing! There was a little team rivalry that was encouraged but mostly it was just an awesome, fun workout with some agility moves and speed work, along with lots of jumping jacks and fast feet mixed in. The rain held off mostly for the entire event but by the end when we were all hot and sweaty, the few drops that did fall felt heavenly.

As everyone filed off the field into the area where there was water and food, I took a few more minutes out on the field to take it all in. Being on the field and looking around the stadium with the lights blazing was awe-inspiring.  In the room, once I made it in, I found that Nike had printed out all of our entrance pictures and they were waiting for us to take away. It was such an amazingly thoughtful touch.

The night was filled with fun sports, awesome, inspiring women, and palpable excitement on the field. Being part of it hardly seemed real – it was just seriously EPIC.

Top photo via NTC #COUNTS event & bottom quote from Nike Women‘s Facebook page. Since my photographer couldn’t be there, a huge thank you to Julia from FitJourney for taking cellphone pictures of me in action!

#MakeTheRules & Trust Your Magic: A Celebration of Title IX with Lacey Stone

When I originally heard that Lacey Stone would be returning to NYC to host a Nike event, my immediate reaction was I have to go. I mean seriously? How could it not be amazing? The event was part of a series that Nike was doing all over the country to celebrate the passage of Title IX and the effect it had on women in sports. As a former Division 1 player, a celebrated trainer who brings an infectious joy to every workout, it is no wonder that Nike asked Lacey Stone to return to her passionate New York fan base and lead that day’s event. The fact that Holly Rilinger, who is always joyous and inspiring herself, was going to be a support trainer as part of Lacey’s Nike event, made it seem seriously like a NYC Dream Team. I didn’t know the third trainer, Chelsey Pagana, but I was pretty sure if she was part of that team, she is someone who I should be keeping an eye out for.

My friend, SINworkouts, set about corralling a huge group of us to get together and attend the event. Everyone’s immediate answer was “Oh HELL yes, I’ll be there” and it turned out we were a rowdy, raucous group of women. The event itself was an all day thing but the crew I was with really came for Lacey’s workout, the one that was wrapping up the event. A few of the group made it to the workout before but I didn’t, since really, except for special exceptions, if it doesn’t relate to training for the Tri, it just isn’t happening right now. Because I was ridiculously excited about this event, I got there over an hour before Lacey and Holly were supposed to take the stage. I registered and was handed a #MakeTheRules tank top, which was awesome because I didn’t have any Nike gear on and at a Nike event, that just seemed wrong! I slipped on my rocking new tank and made my way into the event, which was taking place on Pier 46, a cool Astroturf workout space on the West Side Highway. The field was outfitted for the day with a huge stage and the event was filled with all sorts of kick-ass, fit people who had come to celebrate women in sports. Since I wasn’t remotely the only one who had showed up early, the hour flew by hanging out with the rowdy crew.

When it was finally time to head out to the field, our crew was first out and we made our way over to where Holly was and promptly formed a pre-game huddle around her. Holly was fully reveling in the magnitude of the Nike Women event and led us in a dancing, clapping celebration of the moment. People started flooding the field around us and the wave of joy had spread out like a wildfire.

Lacey was introduced and the crowd erupted and moved forward towards the stage. She talked about the idea of #MakeThe Rules and not letting anyone dictate what you are capable of and in total Lacey style, summarized it as “trust your magic” – which really is a pretty perfect statement (You can watch the video of that moment on her blog).   As Lacey took in the crowd, she also noticed how the crowd was now ahead of the platforms that Holly and Chelsea, her two teammates for the event, were stationed on and just wasn’t having it. Lacey, who easily could have kept that big Nike stage and spotlight for herself, yelled at them to get up there with her so everyone could see them. I imagine it never occurred to her that to do anything else. It was the right thing to do. However, when it boils down to it, the star player often forgets that and what she did in a split second was act as a TEAMMATE and during an event celebrating women’s sports, it was a beautiful thing to witness.

I have taken only a handful of classes with Lacey and while I have loved them all, she truly shined at this one. The workout was based on the Nike Training Club app and the images of famous athletes doing the same moves would flash on the side screens. But really, there was no way to take your eyes off the dynamos in front of us. I will say that for a 1/2 hour workout, it was REALLY hard! (I obviously will have to actually start using my NTC app because geeze, who knew it was really that good?). The fact that she made following along to a computer monitor workout feel like her own is such a crazy, impressive skill. It is hard enough to be challenging, fun and engaging with a crowd that large – which she is brilliant at – but to do it with an extra disconnecting step of following something else is stunning. Lacey made the workout fun and had fun with it. Holly and Chelsea, who were un-miked behind her, did the moves with a fierce energy and commitment, occasionally jumping out into the crowd to spur people on, which was awesome. It was hard to take your eyes off the three of them up there on that stage. They seriously killed it. As a crowd, we cheered almost continuously, even through the pushups and squats. It was just one of those days when the energy of the moment and the people assembled is just so special, you could practically see it vibrating. At the end of the workout, the electric energy had settled over everyone and we all knew that we had gotten the chance to participate in something that was truly epic.

All photos taken by Eric C Stafford for the FBS blog

Holly Rilinger & The Joy Factor

On Saturday morning, bright and early, I made my way to Flywheel for one of my absolute favorite ways to kick off a Saturday right: Holly Rilinger’s ridiculously popular 10:45am class. The class sells out every week, for good reason of course.  It is ridiculously inspiring, joyful and just plain fun. It is her only 60 minute class every week and the energy of the room is always intense and positive, people really open up and just soak up the joy that Holly always brings to what she teaches. In most Flywheel classes, I try to be in the front two rows because, although all the seats are good due to the stadium seating in their studios, I get progressively worse the further I sit back in the room. For Holly’s Saturday class, though, those first couple of rows are almost impossible to snag and since I was determined to take BOTH her Flywheel class AND her SurfSet class that day, I had to take what I could get and was relegated to the back row. I HATE the back row and Saturday, I was convinced my bike hated me too. Holly, of course, was amazing and you could feel her joy and energy even from that back row bike.  Still, I had a terrible time getting my legs to actually fly that morning.

When the lineup for Rate Your Burn/SurfSet’s April pop-up in Chelsea Market was announced, I knew right away that I would have to take a few of their classes, since the list included so many of the instructors that I love in town. Narrowing it down to just 3 was hard but I knew immediately that Holly Rilinger’s class would be one of them, that was just a given.  I mean, really, I would try ANY class Holly taught, but given that she loves to surf, it seemed like a perfect fit for her. I don’t surf (I plan to remedy that this summer though!) and couldn’t tell you if being on the SurfSet board is anything like being on a real board, but I do think that knowing how to surf makes the transition to teaching a SurfSet class seem really natural.

Originally, the plan was that a group of us were going to go over with Holly after class but that didn’t quite pan out. So, that morning after class, I made my way over to Chelsea Market with Holly and the fitness model from her recent Fitness magazine shoot.  Check out Holly’s plan in the May issue of Fitness Magazine here (you can watch the video on their site too, and even though you have to register to watch the video, it is so worth it to check out the moves in action). If you ever want to test your self-esteem, try walking with those two stunning, ridiculously fit women!  Thank God they both have a goofy, joyful, fun streak or I would have wanted to crawl under a rock.  We grabbed some iced coffee at the market (since, really, it was such a beautiful day) before making our way to the make-shift studio, deep in the heart of the market. It was my first class in the Chelsea Market, even though I had gone to the kickoff party and was really excited to see what they had done with the space. The cool thing about the space is that it is really light and airy and fits almost double the amount of boards than at the studio at Chelsea Piers, where I had taken class before. The space doesn’t have changing rooms though, which I had guessed, so I had come fully workout ready (and admittedly a little sweaty from Flywheel).  There is a bathroom in the studio, so you wouldn’t be totally in trouble if you didn’t come prepared! The laid-back vibe is in this space too, thanks in part to SurfSet’s cool old surf film projections. They really did a great job of maxing out the fun, chill vibe that really is intrinsic to a surf-based class! Holly played some great music and made the class a fun challenge with lots and lots of paddling and so many brutal squats in all sorts of variations, pushups, planks and popups. Holly, of course, brought her passion and joy to the board, just like she does on the bike – and at one point, we jumped off the board and danced a little too, because there has to be dancing in a Holly class! The class FLEW by and by the end, I was sore, giggling and just joyful. It doesn’t get better than that.  I walked out into the beautiful, sunny day, with a smile I couldn’t shake and enjoyed wandering through the glorious city with the fella, who had come to meet me. It was an absolutely perfect day and reminded me how really good life can be…

(The “Joy Factor” is Holly’s new slogan and it is just so fitting, photos from Saturday’s SurfSet class by the fella, bottom image just a little internet goodness…)

Holly Rilinger & the Drummers

A few weeks ago, I heard that Holly Rilinger was going to be doing a special fundraiser class for the Georges Malaika Foundation at the Flatiron Flywheel studio using live drummers and I wanted to go desperately. The Foundation is bringing education to 104 girls in the Congo and had tapped Holly to create the girls very first PE program. Seriously, I can’t imagine a better person to create that program and spread the love of physical education to a group of girls! As badly as I wanted to go and support the great cause, I also knew that I couldn’t even remotely afford the back row bikes and I was really bummed. Then, on Saturday late in the morning, when I was settling back into being home after my crazy trip and not rushing out into the world like I normally do on a Saturday, a notice from Flywheel popped up on Facebook that there were a very small handful of bikes that were being released and were up for grabs. I immediately hopped onto their site and snapped up one of those bikes with my lone remaining credit that I had been hoarding away. I was giddy and grateful that I would get the chance to go.

The very next day, I headed off to Flywheel ridiculously early for the 2:30pm event because I was so worried about the trains being all goofy from Brooklyn and I didn’t want to miss a moment of the class. I got there SO early that I was the first to arrive, so I went back to stash my stuff and got my first glimpse of the Harlem Drummers who were using the Flybarre studio to practice in. It was amazing to hear that infectious rhythm come from the studio and I knew that this class really was going to be special. I made my way to the lounge in the front to watch everyone file in and was floored by all of the people. I wasn’t the only one giddy about this class – from the moment people walked in the door you could feel this open, palpable energy starting to build. As we got ready, one of the Flywheel people warned us that this class was going to be very loud and if you ever used earplugs, you should get some for this class. The women next to me just laughed and said “Oh please, we are here for loud! Don’t they know Holly’s crowd?? We are going to be LOUD.” And to that statement, a roar went up from the hallway.

As we filed into the class, we saw the drummers sitting at the base of the instructor platform and Holly beaming away in the center of them. They played as we set up and the crowd was loud and dancing as Holly made her way around the room checking on everyone. The drummers played along to Holly’s energetic playlist of songs, perfectly suited to the drums playing along, and considering they never had a chance to practice in the room or with Holly behind them teaching the class, I was stunned at how easily they fell into place with the music. Holly is a rock star. I have said it before (like in my very first review of her, here) but in this class, she was magical. She danced and yelled and filled the room with her joyous energy and the riders returned every ounce of it back. It was the most amazing, joyous class I have ever been in. It FLEW by and by the end I felt high. After the class was over, people stayed and danced. They whipped their towels over their heads and cheered, hands clapping thunderously as we listened to the drummers continue on after the last song ended. As I looked around at all of the glowing faces, I took a moment to be so grateful to have gotten a chance to be there. I breathed it all in and reveled in the joy and magic of that moment.

Top image from Flywheel’s site, middle image from Flywheel’s Facebook page and bottom image just some internet goodness.

FBS’s top 5 classes for 2011


Closing out this year, I am sick, which means that I have far too much time to reflect on all of the amazing experiences I have gotten to have this year.  I have done a lot of workouts, done a huge variety of classes, and written about a lot of them here.  When I think about my top 5 experiences, it becomes a challenge…because I write about the things I love.  So, narrowing it down to a top five was a little daunting, but it turns out that there ARE a top 5 that really stand out for me when reflecting on 2011:

  1. Jesse Alexander’s 1 Year Anniversary Ride: At that point, I had just taken a handful of classes with Jesse but it fully cemented him as one of my absolute favorites. It was one of those perfect classes, where everyone there was completely, raucously invested in the ride AND the instructor was completely in the zone. At the beginning of class, no one knew why this one was so special, but there was this moment of awareness when the place erupted with love – it was awesome to witness and changed my love of Flywheel to a flat out love of the community that has been built there.

  1. Holly Rilinger’s Training Camp:  Holly is awesome. Plain and simple.  In fact, one of her Flywheel classes was the reason I finally started my blog. It was the very first thing I posted about. She just has that sort of effect on you. However, it isn’t the class that I think of anymore when I think of Holly. In September, I was chosen by Health Warrior to participate in one of her Training camps.  It was 4 weeks of getting to workout with one of the best trainers in the city, in a small group setting. It was easily a highlight of my year. It says a lot that this night owl woke up voluntarily at 4:30 a.m. to attend – and never missed a class or was late – and that by the end, I really believed in my inner athlete.

  1. AS 1 – I didn’t know what to expect, really, when I got there but the one thing I didn’t expect was to love this workout. It is one of my absolute favorite classes I tried this year, hands down. As 1 is definitely going to be in the mix in the New Year. It was hard, exhausting AND made me feel like a bad ass. I love the minimal space, the exacting coaching and the functional based training – PLUS whacking those big ropes against the ground rocks. I left tired and invigorated – the sign for me of the greatest kind of class.

  1. Brick Workout v. 2 – This year I did two Brick workouts, sponsored by the Lululemon 66th Street and Flywheel. I loved the idea of indoor cycling and running back-to-back, and it was just as hard as I thought it would be. The first one was on a perfect, beautiful, crisp fall day and was great challenging fun. The second one though, is the one I loved, since it was during the season’s freak snowstorm in October. The indoor cycling portion with Aleah Stander (Flywheel rockstar instructor) was packed, but only 4 of us made it over to the park for the 3 mile run in a snowy Central Park with Abby Bales, the run coach who amazingly motivated me to keep going in the snow AND made it seem like fun. It was a workout that made me feel like both a bad ass and an athlete. It also made me think that maybe in the new year I should try and get some more running coach time in – it made a huge difference that day!

  1. Soul Cycle with Danny Kopel: A friend of mine invited me to my second Soul Cycle class (I had really enjoyed my first with Jenny Gaither, too) and it was ridiculously fun. It felt more like being at a concert and it made it easy to see why Danny has groupies – but it was also a just a good sweaty workout too. Of the handful of Soul Cycle classes I have taken, this one was the most fun and was the one that made me know I’ll be back at some point next year.


Images: 1. Internet goodness 2. Flywheel’s Flatiron location for one of my many visits 3. Our first Training Camp session from Holly’s Facebook page with our Health Warrior goodie boxes 4. The As 1 space from their website 5. Another bit of internet goodness 6.  Union Square Soul Cycle studio from their website

Week 4: The final HRF Training Camp

Tuesday was the final day of HRF Training Camp and while I won’t miss getting up at 4:25 in the morning, I WILL miss the amazing, supportive, cool group of people. Holly was under the weather today and I was fully expecting to get an email postponing that morning’s class, so in a lot of ways, I wasn’t so mentally prepared for the early morning at all. It changed pretty quickly once I got there. I, for some reason, ended up getting there before anyone else and for a few minutes, thought I had missed the cancellation memo.  But slowly, people started trickling in… including the very bundled and hoarse Holly. She is such a trooper but warned us that the session might include a lot more whistle usage than normal – which it did, but some reason, that whistle doesn’t ever annoy me. Go figure.

We split into groups for our warm-ups and sprints. My group included some of my favorite super-competitive teammates – where we all just sort of look at each other and go “It is on!”. I love being pushed and it was so much fun to really race in the sprints. I have always thought I wasn’t competitive at all but I have slowly been learning that is just a complete delusion on my part. I love a race! Then, it was off to the core portion and then stations – all fun, but not as much fun as the racing!

After class, we all gathered for our final pep-talk and then we got to have coffee, because one of the women in the group brought coffee for everyone!  Which is just amazing. Seriously, to have thought it through enough at that time in the morning to lug a box of Starbucks coffee, cups, sweeteners and milk…really, it was the sweetest end to what has been a great experience. She was my partner the first session and set such a positive, supportive tone for pairing off that I never dreaded it like I normally would in a class.  So maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did.

Standing around talking to everyone, it was so obvious that no one was quite ready for this to really be the end. I am so grateful that I got to participate but mostly that Holly, the dynamo that she is, has gathered such an interesting, varied, kick-ass group of people.

One of the women in the group asked me if I was going on Holly’s upcoming Mexico trip.  I said “no”, and she said “Well you are coming back for Training Camp in the Spring, though, right?” I told her “I hope so!” and I really do hope so. I can’t imagine not doing it again…it was too great not too!

Then, she said perhaps my favorite thing ever: “OH good! We can’t lose our little Katherine Hepburn now can we??” I have no idea really what that means, but that is a comparison I will take any day of the week!

(image above: A random piece of internet goodness )

Starting the month off on the right note….

I have been thinking about it a lot lately but last week, I finally froze my regular gym membership. I have been spending so much time doing other fun fitness things that I haven’t been going to the gym very much – and really I would rather use that money to try out new things. The kicker though, was that FITiST was offering a 4-pack deal that really was almost the same price as my monthly membership. Most of their plans have very specific class breakdowns (2 Spin, 2 Core, 2 Yoga etc.) and are a little out of my range at the moment, but this one is a free-for-all usage. I LOVE that.

Since today was the first Monday of a new month, I wanted to get the week off to a good start and also set the tone for the whole damn month – so I went to my favorite spot in the city, Flywheel’s Flatiron studio. I know I have said it before but if I could, I would be there every day. I have never taken a bad class there and as a whole, the instructors are overwhelmingly positive and energetic. I may have favorites but I would take a class with any of them and be totally confident that I would have an amazing ride. PLUS, I love that they give you shoes for free, that there are bottles of water to take (which is good, my bottle just doesn’t sit well in the little water holder on the bike) and the studio is just SO nice! I signed up for my class last night and was a little worried that I wouldn’t have made it into the system, but they had already converted my FITiST reservation into the Flywheel system, which meant my shoes were already in the little cubby by the front door waiting for me. It is the little things.

This morning was a Holly class. Not a big shocker, I know. I adore her classes and figure that two days of a little Holly motivation is a damn fine way to start the month off right. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of Training camp!  The class today was great, challenging and a total sweat-fest – exactly what I was looking for!

My grand plan with my 4-pack is to take one class a week, either at Flywheel or at Barry’s Boot Camp. It is funny looking at FITiST’s list of participating studios; it makes my head spin!





I love that I have a few to play with this month!

I have a good feeling about October…