Give More: The Unrelentingly Solid Grant Belton

Grant Belton is just unrelentingly solid. He is so consistent, I sometimes forget how incredibly special that is. The other day, when my workout schedule had gotten completely out of whack, I saw Grant’s name on Flywheel Tribeca’s roster the following day and knew it was exactly what I needed to get me back on track.  Grant’s classes are always just a completely focused, challenging ride but they aren’t showy. He’s not going to distract you from pushing harder and expecting more from yourself, he just calmly asks you “Are you feeling strong? Then give more.

I’ve taken quite a few of Grant Belton’s classes at Flywheel and always walk out completely satisfied and almost always with a new highest score. The other day during class, it suddenly occurred to me that I’d never actually written about one of Grant’s classes. It made me feel like a complete asshole – for one simple reason. I write about the best of the best of the classes I’ve taken and Grant is hands-down one of the best of the best. If you talk to almost any of the other Flywheel instructors, Grant is always on the top of their list of instructors THEY take.

Grant Belton Flywheel Last week, my workout plans were getting crushed right and left. I needed a class to get me back on track and I knew that Grant’s would be the ticket. I snuck out of the office and made my way to that awesomeFriday treat that had popped up on Flywheel’s Tribeca schedule. I checked in and for some reason it wouldn’t let me choose to be on the torque board. I finally shrugged, grabbed my shoes and decided it was a sign, that today I wasn’t going to worry about the board at all. As I walked into the class, Grant looked at me and said “Well this is a nice surprise.” I grinned and made my way to my bike.

There were a few new riders in the classes and Grant went over the foundations of a Flywheel class – the torque numbers, rpm and how to get your best ride. As we started the ride, I listened to his awesome queues – “Bap, bap, bap” or hard clapping to the rhythm of the song – those always work for me. I just focused in and rode hard. At some point he said “I want you to look at your number and double it –THAT is what you are going for as your final number.”  I looked down, was at 160 and thought well that isn’t possible. In 45 minutes, I’ve never even gotten close to 300 and was pretty sure my first ride back in weeks wasn’t going to be the time for it to happen! Then, about 3 songs later, after arms, I realized that 300 really was close.  For those last 2 songs, I just focused, rode hard and fast and hit 295. Which is so insanely huge for me! I’ve always seen people who hit 300 and thought, that just is NEVER going to be possible for me. Grant proved me wrong by calmly expecting more. When I went to clip out of the bike I realized that I’d pushed myself so hard my legs were actually shaking.

chalkboard-art-typography-illustrated-quotes-32__605The weird thing about 295? It’s so close to that magical 300 that I was almost pissed that I didn’t get there. Then I remembered that it was like 30 points more then I’d EVER scored in 45 minutes, grinned hard and high fived Grant on my way out the door.

I SO have to take more of Grant’s classes. I’ve been half-stepping.


Photo of Grant from Flywheel’s website and bottom quote a little bit of internet goodness.

Flywheel Tribeca: A Beautiful, Awesome Addition To The Neighborhood

I’ve been EAGERLY waiting for the new Tribeca Flywheel location to open since it was first announced months ago. For no good reason, I was expecting a smaller studio than their most recent UWS location, however, I was SO wrong.  The new Tribeca location is a huge, open, stunning space that is easily my favorite Fly in the city.  The studio on Greenwich, between Hubert and Laight Streets, is a short walk from work and it isn’t far from Soho either.

Flywheel Tribeca

Last weekend, Flywheel had a weekend of free classes to say “hello” to the neighborhood. The permanent schedule is chock full of some of the best of the best at Flywheel and the preview rides were no exception. I scored rides with both Alison Cohen and Jessie Alexander.

Alison’s class was great – as it ALWAYS is since she is just ridiculously good. It was, however, one of those classes that had some technical issues. The AC wasn’t working so it was brutally hot but Alison handled it like a champ and gave an incredible ride that never let on that anything was out of the ordinary. I was sweating buckets but Alison still managed to motivate the room to some huge numbers. She is just a champ at leading a challenging, athletic ride, which is why so often when I am jonesing for a Flywheel class, I end up in front of her.

Side note here:  after that sweaty, awesome class, I took a shower before heading to work. Normally, I try to avoid gym showers like the plague but after that class, it just wasn’t an option, so I got the chance to experience their silly luxurious showers. The individual rooms are more like a hotel’s shower than a regular gym which before work is a treat.  Tons of towels, all the tolietries you could need, killer hot water and massive water pressure. It is like the boutique gym version of hitting the shower jackpot.

Do More

Jesse’s class was the next night and by then the AC was fixed, thankfully. I’ve written about Jesse a ton (favorite post here) but it’s funny, I realized it’s been almost a year since I’ve taken a class with him. It was fun to get to ride with him again – he’s all swagger and confidence these days and just rocks the hell out of the room. It was awesome to watch. My out of practice indoor cycling legs were wiped after the class and by the end, I was just hoping to break a reasonable number. It was right before the last song and Jesse made his way around the room – as he got to me, he covered my torque board and whispered a number in my head that seemed impossible and said “you’ve got that – GO.” Momentarily, I was pissed at the big jump he’d put out there but then almost magically, I realized it made me work three times harder as I hit the number before the last beat of the song. There is a reason Jesse is one of the best…he helps people rise to be their very best – even when they don’t believe it themselves.

The new Tribeca studio is beautiful and has a kick-ass line up of my favorites – I couldn’t ask for more!

Photo of Studio from Flywheel’s Facebook page, bottom image just a little bit of internet goodness.

Finding Magic In Week 1 Of The Flybarre Challenge: The Ridiculously Talented Todd Allen

All of my favorite Flybarre people have been telling me for ages how amazing Todd Allen is but I just could never bring myself to take one of his classes. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe what people were saying but after a bad experience in another Barre studio years ago with their beloved male instructor, I have just avoided taking any male taught barre class. Which I knew was lame and unfair but it meant that Todd languished on my “to-take” list for a ridiculously long time. Last week, I took my very first Todd Allen class and immediately loved him. His hype is deserved and I feel like a fool for not making it to his class sooner. Todd is that amazing treat of an instructor – sweet, encouraging, funny, exceptionally good at verbal corrections and even better at physical ones.

This week was my second class with Todd and being one week into the challenge and my fourth day of class in a row, I was wiped out. After last week’s amazing class with Todd that seemed to fly by, I was just hoping to make it through his class this week. As I made my way into class, Todd stopped me to find out how my measuring had gone the day before.  When I told him that I had lost 1/2 inch on each arm, both legs, and 3/4 off my waist (which is insane to me in only a week but awesome) – he was almost as excited by the news as I was! That sort of enthusiasm is infectious and was just what I needed to refocus on getting the most out of the class in front of me. Plus, there is a part of Todd’s class where you feel you somehow have gotten to be in the practice room at a Broadway show – as he dances his way through the class, it makes me feel like I stumbled into a musical. Todd’s banter through the class is funny, with lots of great visuals for some of the crazier moves you do in a Flybarre class.  Not even Todd can make me actually rhythmic enough to not be embarrassingly bad at the dynamic arms, but he makes it so fun that I don’t care that I suck! Which every time seems like a huge gift. Tuesday’s class FLEW by – one of my favorite things about Flybarre is that there is so much latitude given to the instructors to mix and match in each section of the class, which means you never really know what is coming next. I love being kept on my toes (well not literally, I am not so good when we are supposed to do that) and having each class feel so unique. On Tuesday there were at least 6 moves I had never done in another Flybarre class but were fun & HARD! Todd has a masterful talent at sneaking hard in, while masking it with a great grin and funny imagery – it’s sneaky and I love him for it.

Todd is an ultimate showman who reminds me of Gene Kelly, because he can make a mundane movement – something you have done a million times – suddenly seem like part of a dance. It makes me so happy to watch, I forget how badly he is kicking my ass and spend the entire class just being glad to get to be around someone so magical …

Image of Todd Allen from the Flywheel website  and the bottom image just a little bit of internet goodness.

Fall Flybarre Challenge: The Kickoff to Exactly What I Needed

Last week, I got the news that running, jumping and anything “impactful” had to be tabled for “at LEAST a few weeks” – which means that some of the things I HAD planned for the Fall just weren’t an option anymore. Then, almost the very next day, I got an email about the Flybarre Fall Challenge starting and immediately emailed saying I wanted in! It’s the PERFECT thing for following the Doctor’s orders while still getting to really challenge myself – because without a challenge, the foot prognosis was going to make me nuts!  It doesn’t hurt that I think Flybarre does some crazy good things to women’s bodies and I really wanted to know what actually dedicating myself to it would do. It was the challenge I didn’t even know I was waiting for!  So for the next 6 weeks, I will be taking 4 Flybarre classes a week. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about that, since it seems like every time I take one, I am sore for days.  I’m hoping that the sore part doesn’t last all six weeks!

On Sunday afternoon, we had our kickoff meeting at the Flatiron Studio. We learned the ins and outs of what the Flybarre Challenge entails. The cool thing is that for the challenge, you are given a “Team Leader” – one of the awesome Flybarre instructors who will be the point person for 6 weeks. As we got into our groups, I was giddy that I got Kara Liotta – who I adore, and who always pushes me to work a little bit harder, which really is exactly what I need.  I can already picture her giving me “that” look if I don’t give it my all and knowing myself, that alone will make me focus harder on getting the best results!  As we split into groups to meet and talk a little bit, Kara pulled each person off to the side to measure us. The thing I didn’t realize, was that we are going to be measured EVERY week.  Oh, buddy.  For some reason, this snapped me to attention, since I sort of assumed that it would be a before and after thing, just like the pictures. The reality is that in one week, I will be accountable for some sort of change and it made me realize there will be no easing into this Challenge. It’s go time. NOW.

Monday morning bright and early, I was on a mat in Kara’s class. It was the “Power 45” version and unlike the 1 hour version, this one zipps through the moves. I really like the speed of it but am always surprised by how much harder it seems – somehow, that stretching bit in the middle really makes a difference! I was still embarrassingly bad at the dynamic arms but luckily, the class was the “wild card” arms (the week where instructors choose a random arm routine, instead of the one that everyone has been practicing).  So, no one was really perfect at it and it was slightly less noticeable exactly how off I was! Maybe 6 weeks of doing the dynamic arm thing will make me less spastic looking? A girl can only hope….

After class, I hustled into Holly Rillinger’s always awesome Flywheel class. The class was packed with some of my favorite folks rocking the front row with me, including my awesome team leader, Kara. That kind of morning, filled with such amazing, inspiring people is hard to top… and for the next six weeks, I know where I will be every Monday morning!

Top picture from Flybarre’s Facebook page, middle picture by Eric C Stafford and bottom picture from

Being All In : 3 Flywheel Greats Remind Me To Be In the Moment

It has been a little while since I posted, since the week following the absolutely epic high of the NYC Triathlon, I got an evil head/chest cold that I just couldn’t shake. I have slowly been making my way back into working out after taking a full 10 days off. In retrospect, my cold was probably my body’s not so subtle nudge that rest isn’t such a bad thing. What can I say? Rest isn’t my strong suit! Last weekend was my first weekend really back on schedule and awesomely included classes with some of my absolute favorites at Flywheel – Jesse Alexander, Alison Cohen and Aleah Stander. It was one of those random weekends when teachers I love all seem to be teaching classes that I can actually make – a super rare occurrence in the summer, when everyone seemingly defects to the Hamptons.

Jesse and Alison’s hour-long classes were both hard, challenging and made me REALLY push myself. Jesse’s Saturday morning class was filled with a fun, party atmosphere (as his classes always are), plus some of my favorite folks were rocking out the front row with me and really, that is always inspiring. Jesse didn’t talk about “feeling sexy and riding like it” in this class, but his riders obviously had it engrained in their head so much at this point that it’s just natural! It’s funny, no matter the time of day, Jesse’s class always feel like pre-game to going out – even early on a Saturday!

Sunday’s Warrior Ride with Alison was so freaking hard (which I adore) but much quieter than Saturday’s, so I was easily the loud one of the class again! It has been awhile since I took that class but to jump in and see how strong that group is can be both staggering and inspiring. Alison is such a star at getting her riders to rise to every challenge she throws at them and her Warriors are the prime example of that. Alison inspired me to be in full beast mode but even at that, I struggled to stay on the board at 359! Apparently, I need to up my game to hang with Alison’s Warrior crew!

My third and final class was Monday’s class with Aleah which, of course, was awesome. She is such a rockstar. I was bummed when she decamped for Miami but Monday, we got the rare treat to have her back in NYC – even if it was for only a day. I didn’t think it was possible but it seems like she has actually gotten even better down in Miami. Aleah’s classes are always hard and inspiring but this one was epic. She rides with her whole heart in and expects the same in return. Being all in and fully present really is what it is all about – big or small- be in that moment.  Aleah’s passion for what she does makes that the only option when you are in front of her. It was exactly the reminder I needed this week.

After 3 days of kick-ass classes, I had finally fully shaken off my sickness and for the first time in weeks felt like myself.  It seems like I can always count on Flywheel to help me snap myself out of a funk – this weekend was no exception.

Logo and bottom image from Flywheel’s Website for New York. Top quote just a good thing to remember.

The Joy of Flying: Alison Cohen shows the Fella the way….

This week was all about going to see the Hunger Games. I REALLY wanted to see it; what can I say? So, I bought tickets to the late showing at BAM cinemas on Saturday night, as a fun date-night for the Fella and me.  I realized that I had signed up for Alison Cohen’s Flywheel class early “Warrior Ride” on Sunday morning, so as I cancelled out of that, I decided that maybe the Fella and I should go to her later class on Sunday at the Flatiron studio. It is fair to say that I have a little bit of a Flywheel addiction, and love getting to share a ride with the Fella.  After last weekend’s crazy-great Holly class, I figured it was finally time to get him to one of Alison’s classes on the weekend. I will admit it, I didn’t entirely give the Fella a choice, but more announced it as a thing: “I got us tickets to the Hunger Games late show and because I had to cancel out of my early class on Sunday, I got us bikes for Alison’s 4:15 class instead!  Awesome, right??” He was so excited about the movie, that it was a little bit later when he realized the other part I snuck in!

I have loved Alison’s classes at Flyweel since the very first time I took one. She teaches a hard, challenging but fun class and is just so completely herself. Since she found out that the Fella had gone to one Flywheel class, she has wanted to know when he would be showing up to hers. It had gone on long enough that I think she was beginning to believe that the Fella didn’t really exist. He was fast becoming my very own Big Foot – whispered about but few have ever actually seen…

On Sunday, we headed into the city to Flywheel’s Flatiron studio for Alison’s 4:15 class and the cold, grey day made being inside for a class seem like the absolute perfect thing to do. At the studio, we quickly stashed our stuff and headed up to the front to wait for class. I ran into Alison and she excitedly asked if the Fella had really made it and as soon as I pointed him out on the bench, she ran over and hugged him. It was flat-out endearing and you could see the Fella was totally won over by her immediately. It turned out that she had had a crazy stressful morning with classes to teach and a broken Ipod, which led to lots of franticness getting her hands on a replacement. Yet, somehow, she had still managed to get the two groups on our class’ playlist that I had told her were the Fella’s favorite. I thought she was amazing before but after that? Seriously, that is above and beyond. He was floored.

As we settled into the class, the playlist rocked and we quickly fell into a solid groove of work. It was Alison’s signature challenging, engaging class with lots of long intervals and heavy torque and when I looked over at the Fella in the middle of it, he was fully in the moment and grinning from ear to ear. This class obviously had finally cemented what I have been telling him all along, that when you are fully into a class, there really is nothing better. The Fella killed it and at the end of his 4th class, he had beaten me by one point.  When I pointed it out to him, he was gob-smacked.  When you are fully in the zone, there is no denying it, and as I high fived him, he asked me when we get to come back. The love of Flywheel has finally, officially, been spread in my house thanks to Alison’s amazing, challenging class. Is there anything more you can ask for than that?


(Top photo of Alison from Flywheel Sports website and the bottom a little internet goodness)

Holly Rilinger & the Drummers

A few weeks ago, I heard that Holly Rilinger was going to be doing a special fundraiser class for the Georges Malaika Foundation at the Flatiron Flywheel studio using live drummers and I wanted to go desperately. The Foundation is bringing education to 104 girls in the Congo and had tapped Holly to create the girls very first PE program. Seriously, I can’t imagine a better person to create that program and spread the love of physical education to a group of girls! As badly as I wanted to go and support the great cause, I also knew that I couldn’t even remotely afford the back row bikes and I was really bummed. Then, on Saturday late in the morning, when I was settling back into being home after my crazy trip and not rushing out into the world like I normally do on a Saturday, a notice from Flywheel popped up on Facebook that there were a very small handful of bikes that were being released and were up for grabs. I immediately hopped onto their site and snapped up one of those bikes with my lone remaining credit that I had been hoarding away. I was giddy and grateful that I would get the chance to go.

The very next day, I headed off to Flywheel ridiculously early for the 2:30pm event because I was so worried about the trains being all goofy from Brooklyn and I didn’t want to miss a moment of the class. I got there SO early that I was the first to arrive, so I went back to stash my stuff and got my first glimpse of the Harlem Drummers who were using the Flybarre studio to practice in. It was amazing to hear that infectious rhythm come from the studio and I knew that this class really was going to be special. I made my way to the lounge in the front to watch everyone file in and was floored by all of the people. I wasn’t the only one giddy about this class – from the moment people walked in the door you could feel this open, palpable energy starting to build. As we got ready, one of the Flywheel people warned us that this class was going to be very loud and if you ever used earplugs, you should get some for this class. The women next to me just laughed and said “Oh please, we are here for loud! Don’t they know Holly’s crowd?? We are going to be LOUD.” And to that statement, a roar went up from the hallway.

As we filed into the class, we saw the drummers sitting at the base of the instructor platform and Holly beaming away in the center of them. They played as we set up and the crowd was loud and dancing as Holly made her way around the room checking on everyone. The drummers played along to Holly’s energetic playlist of songs, perfectly suited to the drums playing along, and considering they never had a chance to practice in the room or with Holly behind them teaching the class, I was stunned at how easily they fell into place with the music. Holly is a rock star. I have said it before (like in my very first review of her, here) but in this class, she was magical. She danced and yelled and filled the room with her joyous energy and the riders returned every ounce of it back. It was the most amazing, joyous class I have ever been in. It FLEW by and by the end I felt high. After the class was over, people stayed and danced. They whipped their towels over their heads and cheered, hands clapping thunderously as we listened to the drummers continue on after the last song ended. As I looked around at all of the glowing faces, I took a moment to be so grateful to have gotten a chance to be there. I breathed it all in and reveled in the joy and magic of that moment.

Top image from Flywheel’s site, middle image from Flywheel’s Facebook page and bottom image just some internet goodness.

Flywheel with Ryan Makely & the day the sub kicked ass…

A few months ago, I went to Ryan Makely’s very first Flywheel class and it was awesome. The class was filled to the brim with Flywheel instructors and staff – who were all loud and joyfully supporting their friend. I was the total interloper but had somehow managed to get an invite to this off-the-schedule event and it was ridiculously fun. I didn’t write about it at the time, because I don’t think it is fair to review anyone’s first class – no matter how much I enjoyed it.

On Sunday afternoon, by chance, I finally made it back to one of Ryan’s classes. I had been hearing some really great things and wasn’t remotely surprised that people liked him so much, if his first class was so good, I couldn’t imagine time wouldn’t make him even better. The first time, you could tell he had been studying Jesse a lot (not a bad person to emulate, by any stretch) but he hadn’t yet gotten comfortable just being himself in front of the crowd. This class, Ryan was just totally himself and worked the crowd like a seasoned veteran.

Ryan was the sub for the class, so the class started off a little quiet as they sussed him out. I was into it from the moment the class started, but then he said the greatest thing I have ever heard in a spinning class:

“I am like Tinkerbell; if I don’t hear you, I die!”

…and the room erupted. The energy of the room was just crazy and into it after that!

From that moment, everyone listened and did whatever Ryan asked – even the evil long 35-40 torque hills that made me wonder if he was trying to kill us – or at the very least make our legs fall off. By the time we got to the arms section, I was wiped out.  Then, Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” started to play – I mean…come on! After all the rap and pop he had played, it was just hysterical and made getting through the section so much easier.  Instead of the class ending in a sprint, as almost every class does, this one ended on a rolling hill with 40 torque again. The change up was awesome and so, even though it was a killer, it was great end!

Ryan led a hard, challenging and ridiculously fun class with lots of great music. But my favorite thing? He ended on the Muppets Song. Not many people could get away with that, but somehow it just fit.  Even though Ryan kicked my ass, I left really happy and you can’t ask for much more on a Sunday afternoon…


Top image of Ryan from Flywheel’s awesome new site & bottom image, just a little internet goodness

Flybarre with Shay and the moment of believing…

On Tuesday morning, not so bright or very early, I showed up at Flywheel Flatiron for another session of Flybarre, this time with showstopper Shay Kostabi. I have wanted to try one of Shay’s classes for a while now, after stumbling across her blog “Shay’k It Up” a few months ago, and hearing raves about her awesomeness from Jesse Alexander.  She just seemed like someone I would like. However, until recently, I had been actively avoiding Flybarre (and every other Barre class out there.)  But after my great class with Kara last month, and my goal to get more barre class into my schedule this year, it suddenly seemed like the perfect time to get in a class finally with Shay. I settled onto my mat a little early and waited for class to start. I was surprised by how full it was for a 9:30am class on a Tuesday, with only a few mats open. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, since the newest round of the Flybarre challenge had just started. The class was filled with Challenge people committed to getting their 4 classes in a week, and so I had a moment of “Oh, damn! I really am going to be the clueless ass again!”

Shay is stunningly charismatic in person and the whole class seemed to hang on her every word. There is an “I will be whisked away any minute to make a fitness video” quality to her that is palpable – she just has that “I should to be on camera” quality. Shay is a dynamite, engaging, group instructor – every explanation was clear, right on the money and I never felt lost. However, when we got to the arms section, I was fully expecting to be totally, embarrassingly lost again.

The Dynamic Arms sections are routines that you learn and do for 3-weeks at a time, however, it turns out this week was “wild-card arms” – meaning that every teacher would be teaching a different dynamic arms section.  As Shay was telling us that, all I could think  was “sure, still going to feel like a spaz” and while I am really ok with spaz-dom,  that first class of Flybarre dynamic arms made me feel really uncoordinated. So, as she started, I just steeled myself for embarrassment and mistimed moves. Then, an amazing thing happened. As I listened to Shay’s instruction and watched, I was almost right on-time for most of the moves!  Shay made me believe, for at least a brief moment, that if I had time to learn the moves, I might actually be able to do the dynamic arm sequence and look like I had MOVES.

Thank you, Shay, for giving me a moment of believing.

(P.S- Next week, a new arms section is happening, just in case a little slow breakdown is right up your alley too! Maybe with a full three weeks of training, I can have moves too! A girl can dream, right??)


(Quote a little internet goodness, image of Shay from her blog )

A Torq Challenge with Alison Cohen & Getting back to the 300’s

On Sunday night, I was still sore from SLT the day before, but I headed into Flywheel’s Flatiron studio to take the “Torq Challenge” with Alison Cohen. I love Alison’s Warrior Ride on Sunday mornings at the Upper East Side studio (one of my favorites on the Flywheel schedule for an ass-kicking ride) and the option to get to do a super tough class with her and not have to get up early on a Sunday to do it? I am in! It is crazy how hectic the evening classes are at the Flatiron location – with so many people buzzing around the studio, getting out of classes, gearing up to ride, people pulsing in the Flybarre studio –such an awesome amount of energy to be around. I LOVE having that in my weekend! It is just totally energizing – ending your week on such a high note just ROCKS.

The class was packed, as weekend Flywheel class always are, but I still managed to snag a front row spot. The best part about the class was the energy of the group, this one was loud – I LOVE that!  The class was just as hard as the Warrior Ride, but somehow, because I was more awake for this one, it seemed harder. I killed myself to crank up my numbers, since it seemed that I was doomed to end the hour in the 200’s – which is awesome in a 45 minute class, but in a challenge class, isn’t ok for me. Well, that isn’t true…it is fine but I so wanted to hit 300 again! The triple threat proved to me that I can go so much harder than I think I can if I hunker down and work HARD. However, since that amazing class, I have been struggling with not doing as well as I now know I can! Ugh. For all of the amazing classes I have taken since then, I haven’t had a great number again – which of course, has made me a little bonkers. I like to think of myself as all zen and not caring about the number at all, that it is just about the greatness of the class.  While that is mostly true, there is a little part of me that has been freaking out. It turns out that I am a little bit competitive when it comes down to it, especially with myself.

Alison and her killer Warrior Ride was the first class that ever got me over the 300 hundred mark, so it makes sense that on Sunday night she got me back over 300 once again. Phew! Now I can go back to not caring so much; it wasn’t a fluke! Thank you, Alison! I love your hard, challenging classes!

(Image: Some internet goodness)