Playing On The NFL Giants’ Turf: Nike Training Club’s Epic Event #COUNTS

The announcement I saw was a little vague: “Train with us. Join Master Trainer Marie Purvis for a football inspired Nike Training Club Workout. Tuesday, October 23rd, 7:30-10:30, MetLife Stadium”. Nike Training Club, the cool fitness app that Nike Women developed, once in awhile has live events and this one sounded like it had the potential to be just EPIC. Seriously, how often are you ever going to get the opportunity to workout at MetLife Stadium? Even before I knew what was in store for the night, I wanted in.  I signed up immediately.

NTC had arranged buses to take the 300 of us who were lucky enough to attend out to MetLife Field, home to both the Giants and the Jets. The majority of the group came from the Niketown location but I managed to snag one of the spots on the bus leaving from the Nike Flatiron store. Score! It made the getting to the bus, and home after, super speedy…which is always nice. I met my bus buddy way early, and we snagged seats and settled in for the adventure. I fully expected the ride out to East Rutherford, NJ (where the stadium is) to take awhile but it flew by – it didn’t hurt that I had fun people to talk to, though!

We filed in through the players’ entrance and into the locker rooms where we checked in, showed the wristbands we had been given on the bus, and were given either home or away gear. My white wrist band that I had been given on the bus meant that I was on the home team.  My uniform of the night was a long sleeve, white Hyperwarm top and a grey Giants short sleeve Dryfit top to go over it. After we all got suited up and checked our bags, we got to head out to Giants field. I headed out there right away. Lots of people spent a long time in the locker room but I just wanted to be out on the field.  The only thing I really wanted was to stand in that field and just take it in.

Nike had set up a game entrance, complete with smoke machine, for us all to go through and had a photographer take our pictures as we entered the field. So freaking cool. Then, I was out on the field.  It was a slightly chilly, damp night but it so didn’t matter – being out there was just electric.  There were stations to practice throwing the football, kick a field goal, and catch a pass in the endzone  – and at each station there were coaches giving us pointers. I was not great at anything but tried EVERYTHING because seriously, when am I ever going to get another chance to do any of those things in an NFL stadium again?!!

Stationed on the large stage in the middle of the field for the main event of the evening were Marie Purvis & Alex Molden, two Nike Master Trainers who led us through the NTC football themed workout. Also on hand were Holly Rilinger (Home team) and Chelsey Pagana (Away team), two Nike Master Trainers, who were out on platforms in the crowd to pump everyone up and make sure people who were far away from the main stage actually knew what we were supposed to be doing! There was a little team rivalry that was encouraged but mostly it was just an awesome, fun workout with some agility moves and speed work, along with lots of jumping jacks and fast feet mixed in. The rain held off mostly for the entire event but by the end when we were all hot and sweaty, the few drops that did fall felt heavenly.

As everyone filed off the field into the area where there was water and food, I took a few more minutes out on the field to take it all in. Being on the field and looking around the stadium with the lights blazing was awe-inspiring.  In the room, once I made it in, I found that Nike had printed out all of our entrance pictures and they were waiting for us to take away. It was such an amazingly thoughtful touch.

The night was filled with fun sports, awesome, inspiring women, and palpable excitement on the field. Being part of it hardly seemed real – it was just seriously EPIC.

Top photo via NTC #COUNTS event & bottom quote from Nike Women‘s Facebook page. Since my photographer couldn’t be there, a huge thank you to Julia from FitJourney for taking cellphone pictures of me in action!