Flywheeling with the Fella

The fella and I never take classes together – while I run around the city like a loon getting my fitness fix, he really just sticks to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. On Sunday night however, since we were going to have a random Monday hooky day off together the next day, I got the brilliant idea that it was about time that the fella take his first indoor cycling class.  I knew the perfect first class to take him to. One of my favorite instructors at Flywheel, the ridiculously motivating Jesse Alexander, had some spots in his 12:30 class open – the perfect time AND the perfect first class teacher. Plus, it didn’t hurt that there was not enough time for the fella to back out of the plan once he agreed to it and it was set in motion. I have wanted him to come try Flywheel for a while now because I knew he would totally get into it – once he GOT there.

The funny thing is that, because I take so many random classes, I forget that first classes can be worrisome at all and that first indoor cycling ones can be the worst. The fella truly didn’t know what to expect. I always talk about the feeling of a class but gloss over the basics. Yes, you wear special shoes that clip in but Flywheel has them for you, and they have towels and water there too. They will help you with the bike set-up…no one will leave you to flail around confused. In the fella’s case, I helped with the set-up of the bike and then Jesse came over and finished it to get it perfect. The best instructors give you clear directions on what you are supposed to be doing (one of my favorite lines that Jesse says in every class is: ”I will always count you up, I will always count you down”).  And Flywheel’s torque board make the class easier to follow too, since you are given “your torque should be this, your rpms in this range”… which I love. It frees you of that “Am I doing this right?” bit and allows you to just focus on working out as hard as possible.  And my final piece of advice to the fella: bring a change of clothes!  You WILL be a sweaty mess and will be sorry if you don’t have something to change into.

Jesse really is amazing and it was the perfect first class, as I knew it would be. It is always so gratifying to be able to share that first class experience with someone, and with one of my absolute favorite instructors, it was just awesome.  The class was great, the music rocking and invigorating, and the entire class was completely in the zone. The fella did great for his first class, as I knew he would, and it was ridiculously fun to ride beside him. The class was really challenging and kicked my ass, but almost more importantly for me, it was so good that the fella suddenly and completely got my Flywheel addiction.

As we walked out of the class he looked at me and said “That class was outta control, sick.  I really thought I was in shape before I went in there but that class kicked my ASS… my legs feel like jello!” After such a kick-ass class, we wandered through the city and enjoyed a blissful rest of the day.  Later that night, the fella said… “I can’t believe how great that class was… I really think we should go do that again. “

Hell. Yes.