Steven Little & the Killer Double

On Sunday morning, I finally made it into one of Steven Little‘s weekend Flywheel classes. I have loved every single one of Steven’s hard “own your ride” style classes but have always wondered about this class since it is the one that is packed from almost the moment the booking window opens. It was just as awesome as all the others but with a palpable feeling of engagement from riders who really respond to Steven’s brand of really expecting you to rise to your very best. It was a great, challenging class and Steven pushed us hard, which wasn’t even a little bit of a surprise, but also completely awesome.  Even though I knew it would be a really hard class, since I had made it into his Flywheel class, I also really wanted to try and take his new TRX class afterwards at Pilates Pro Works, since it is so perfectly spaced to do afterwards.  It really just seemed like it had the potential to be a killer double – plus I really wanted to check out the new studio!

After grabbing a much needed and ridiculously yummy latte at Joe & the Art of Coffee (seriously, a good latte always makes my day) I made my way over to Pilates Pro Works for the first time. I swear in Google, it was listed at 45 W.14th Street, but when I got to that address, I was greeted by a Golden Palace take-out spot and was briefly confused. Thankfully, I noticed the big poster on the door of #47 and figured out where I was really supposed to be! I was buzzed in, and climbed the stairs to the second floor to the surprisingly large, airy, open studio. Jenn, Head of their Pilates program, was manning the desk and greeted me like an old friend as I walked in the door. It was such a good first impression that I immediately wanted to be at the studio all the time. There are two main studios, the largest is the one with the Pilates-inspired machine class and then a smaller studio where the barre and TRX happens. There are lockers with keys, 2 bathrooms and one changing room. As they get busier, I think that having only one changing room may become an issue…

TRX, which I have only had the briefest chance to play with, is one of those tools that when done right, is amazing but is SO very easy to do wrong. The anchored straps are a devilishly simple concept, using them at different angles, you can use more or less of your body weight in a seemingly endless variety of exercises. The thing about TRX is that you really need to know what you are doing to actually get a great workout from it and not just hurt yourself by being too extreme. Steven not only is an amazing trainer, always striving to make you really challenge yourself, but ALSO a sticker on form -so I knew he would be the perfect person to take my first TRX class from! It is a small class format, with 10 TRX stations, and Steven thoroughly covered the basics of the set up and using the straps, since there were a lot of newbies in the class. First off, if you are taking this class – bring a towel! They mention it in the notes for the class but seriously, bring a towel. You will get sweaty. I realize that my class before made me sort of a sweaty beast from the start but my classmates who didn’t bring a towel were seriously glaring at me any time I went to my towel to wipe off. The class was an interval-based class that kicked my ass. Steven did sets, that mostly were 2 moves on the TRX straps and then one on the floor (pushups, mountain climbers, star jacks..basically some sort of plank-based move) and each set done 3 times. On the TRX straps we did moves, leaning away from the straps, into them and even with our feet suspended in them. Ouch. He was so good about correcting everyone’s form throughout the class, from where your feet should be in a squat to the angle you were coming off during a leaning bicep curl, that there was never a chance for cheating. Steven is all about the proper form being done, whatever your level is in any given move. I never once worried that I was going to hurt myself, but I did know that with Steven I could push myself to work extra hard. It was a class that I really felt the next day. in the best possible way! The class flew by.  I was stunned and slightly grateful when he finally announced it was time to stretch. I was sore, wiped-out and slightly giddy from getting my ass kicked. If I could, I would add it to my routine every week, since really, with a tool like TRX and an instructor who pushes you that hard, I think could produce some crazy impressive results…


Top image from Flywheel’s website , second image just something that is always true for me, middle image of Pilates Pro Works NYC very pretty lobby, and final image, a little bit of internet goodness.

2 thoughts on “Steven Little & the Killer Double

  1. I really TRX. It’s amazing what a great full body workout it can give you.

    I tried Steven’s class at Flywheel for the first time last week. It was seriously inspiring. Love his mantra about it not just getting ready to ride but getting ready to train! Hope to make it to his TRX class soon.

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