As One’s amazing new studio & the joy of synchronized burpees…

On Monday morning, bright and early, I went to As One – it was their very first day in their new space and really, I just couldn’t wait any longer to check out the new studio.  So, my friend and I made a date to see it the first chance we got.

The new digs are just around the corner from the old space, and are actually ON Broadway now. When I first heard they were moving into this building, I had assumed they would be on the first floor, so when I got there, I was a little confused by the still empty storefront.  They are actually on the third floor. The new studio is easily twice as big as the old one, with exposed brick walls, thick, nice mats covering the floor, lockers, and bathrooms with showers in the studio.  No more traipsing down a hallway to an office floor’s shared bathroom! My favorite new addition, though, are the pull-up bars hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the studio – although it does mean there is no more wall to help you anymore!

Our class was small, only 6 of us.  I think most people probably thought that the move wouldn’t actually be finished by Monday, so they were giving it a few days, but I am sure the numbers will swell again. I loved getting to scope out the new digs with so few people, though!  George was a little sleep deprived, since apparently he had been up all night finishing the move and for a brief moment, I thought that meant the workout would be a little easier. That wasn’t the case at all. It was by far and away the hardest As 1 class I have been to yet.

The first section was 1 minute rounds of the evil Airdyne bike, squats with a sandbag on your shoulders, box jumps, planks, bike (again), deadlift with sandbag, box jumps (again) and finishing with pushups – this circuit was repeated 3 times. George, although a little goofier than normal due to sleep deprivation, was on all of us about form, as always.  There wasn’t even a moment of slacking allowed. Even though the new space has a great cross-breeze, by the end of that section, I was wiped out and dripping in sweat.  I also knew we had too much time left to actually be done. The second section was a circuit of 30 seconds of burpees, pull-ups and my favorite, the heavy whacking ropes. We paired off and my friend and I managed to get through the first round pretty straight-faced and focused, but by the 2nd round, things got a little goofy. I mean, seriously, synchronized burpees are just funny. George called us out, telling us “Ok, keep the routine going!  Now let’s see you tap feet on the pull-ups!” which we proceeded to do, although, it made that round of pull-ups just silly hard. The ropes are always fun but after burpees and pull-ups, they felt ridiculously heavy. By the third round, my pull-ups were sort of sad and pathetic but I did manage to do a few and not just hang there, which I was totally proud of.

After this especially challenging workout, I was glad that every workout at As 1 ends with a dedicated recovery session with the foam roller – I am pretty sure it is the only reason I was able to move the next day! Once again, As 1 kicked my ass and I can’t wait to go back…


Photo of George from As One’s Facebook page and bottom picture just a little internet goodness. Photos of the new space will be in my next As One post, since they weren’t finished completely setting up yet!

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