The 2nd Brick workout: the snowy, slightly crazy version…

First off, now that it is over, I seriously can’t believe that I actually did a Brick workout on Saturday – with the snow and cold and just generally crazy weather, it just seems amazing that it really happened. Not only did it happen but it was so much fun and I REALLY didn’t think I would be able to say that!

The morning of the second Brick class I woke up to a rainy, cold, generally crappy day and was bummed. I am not so good about wanting to run outside in rainy weather and add to that the cold, well, I was just convinced that the run portion of the Brick just wouldn’t happen.  Of course, the fact that I was going to get in a Flywheel class anyway meant that really it was going to be a good day – but the weather seriously put a damper on my spirits.

So I trekked up to Flywheel UES for what I was sure was going to just be the biking portion of the “Brick”. When I left Brooklyn it was raining, but by the time I got out of the train station on the UES, it was full-on snowing. At the studio, everyone was buzzing about the snow and about how crazy running after the class would be. Aleah Stander and Abby Bales were both in high sprits – as always – and ramped everyone up to start the workout and be in the moment. Aleah was amazing. I LOVE taking her class since she teaches such a great, positive, challenging class, plus today, her music was crazy good. She played songs I sang along to and even one I had to ask about after class – nothing helps make class better than great music! All through class, though, I debated with myself about the run afterward, so I rode really hard to make up for the fact that I didn’t think I would do it. I was sweaty and tired by the end but I also knew that if the run WAS going to happen, I was going to do it.  It suddenly just seemed possible.

I got asked A LOT if I was going to do it.


“… really?”

‘Yes. It’ll be pretty – a snowy Central Park? If I don’t do it now, I will never, ever do it. So yes, I am going to do the run.’

Over at the store, it turned out that out of the 30 or so people in the class, only 5 of us made it over to the run. Abby explained the route to us and was just her glorious, positive, supportive self and we got ready to head out. The others in the group were runner-runners and immediately I was like “Crap, I am so not this person”.  But the thing is, I am.

Saturday, running in the sludgy mess to the park, I felt like an athlete. I wanted to quit, but didn’t.  Saturday, I took a hard, awesome spin class and ran 3 miles in a snowy Central Park. It was cold and miserable and I have never been prouder of doing anything. Abby and Aleah ROCK, but that day, I thought that I rocked too!

Now THAT is a great workout.

(Image: a little internet goodness because it was too cold & wet to take any photos during the run!)