The perfect ride that was also a celebration…

On Sunday night, when I came home from Jesse Alexander’s pre-game ride, I was almost shell-shocked from the awesome. The fella looked at me and was like…  “It was that good?” and I told him “I am pretty sure it was the best spinning class I have ever been a part of.”

Last week, I got a message from Jesse that he wanted me to come to his Sunday night 6:30pm class if at all possible. Since I have my FITiST 4 pack, I had a class to play with and so my immediate response was “I’ll be there!”-  I don’t think I have been to a Flywheel weekend class in about a year and suddenly, I would be going to two classes in one weekend. That was a weekend plan I could love! I didn’t really take into account how jello-y the Brick class would make my legs, so when Sunday came around, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I should be. BUT, I love Jesse’s class (as evidenced here) and had heard that his Sunday 6:30 class was insanely good.  In fact, I heard one of the girls talking about it during the Brick even! So, even though there was a part of me that just wanted to curl up on the couch after the fella and I had a long walk around Brooklyn, I rallied to go AND managed to get my excitement back too. Because seriously, every Flywheel class is a treat and I wouldn’t bother to waste a treat by having a lack of motivation!

The studio was already buzzing when I got there.  I snapped up my shoes and went to drop off my stuff in a locker.  It occurred to me that maybe I should check in at the front desk and see if there was any chance that I could switch bikes. Originally when I signed up, there were only bikes in the back row available, and while I will sit anywhere, really, I LIKE being closer. I am a “need to be in eyesight of the teacher” kind of girl because then I feel like I have to go all out all of the time. What can I say? The back row means I can cheat and slack off and since my legs were sore from the day before, I was worried that I would take that to the extreme. It turned out that there was one bike in the front row available, which I snapped up.  No half-assing it possible in the front row!

From the moment the class started, you could just feel that it was going to be something special. Jesse was in the moment and full of energy and motivation that just sucked everyone in. The music was mostly rap and rock and just fed the crowd. Every question was answered by the class with a roar that threatened to take the roof off the place. It was one of those rare classes where the energy of the teacher is fully matched by the crowd and it gets more intense and inspiring for all as it goes along. Turned out it was Jesse’s one-year anniversary of teaching at Flywheel.  No wonder it felt so much like a party – it WAS and I am so glad that I got to attend.  Jesse really is a rocking, inspiring, amazing instructor and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes him.

(Image: Random internet goodness that seemed perfect for Jesse)