Lacey Stone: The amazing, inspiring goofball who kicked my ass.

There are two ways a class can go when you have heard so much about an instructor: one, it can be an utter disappointment (usually the case) or two, miraculously, they are just as awesome as all the hype has built them up to be.  Lacey Stone is the latter. After hearing what seemed like endless praise, I was just flat-out curious. Half the reason I got the FITiST 4-pack was so that I could take Lacey’s version of Barry’s Bootcamp.  I love the set-up of that workout and had really wanted to try her out, so I figured I could get a solid workout and satisfy my curiosity. The feeling of freedom to try things that a class card gives me is amazing. This was my first week past Training Camp and I really wanted to get in a Boot Camp this week, so it seemed like the perfect week to try it out.

Lacey teaches at Barry’s Bootcamp Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30pm and for a few weeks on Sunday mornings too. Monday, though, is really the only time that works in my schedule. I have to say, the thing that most struck me about Lacey when I first met her in the locker room, was how sweetly and intensely engaged she was while talking to one of the women there who was describing some sort of injury. I was expecting this sort of over-the-top, funny personality, not the caring kindness that I glimpsed there and I immediately liked her for it. I don’t want to be coddled but I love to see that sort of empathy, especially going into what I knew was going to be a hardcore workout.  It means you know you are in good hands. This class was full but not packed to the gills like the last BBC that I took. Given the time, that wasn’t that surprising. It included a few newbies, some Lacey veterans and Holly Rilinger, too. As soon as I saw Holly, I knew I was in trouble. If this is the class SHE goes to for a workout, I was worried it might just kill me. I ended up on the treadmill next to her and while I did ok, there were a couple of times, I just could not keep up at all and at least twice I had to almost stop because I thought I might hurl. I might have to go again just to redeem myself!

Lacey, though, was a riot and didn’t take herself seriously – she so obviously embraces her inner goofball and that is a mighty good thing. I love goofy and joyous! The world doesn’t have nearly enough of it. It is a huge talent to be that funny and engaging while simultaneously kicking everyone’s ass and being a stickler on form.  That class was an amazing start to the week and I am going to have to figure out a way to take it again, because seriously people, Lacey Stone ROCKS.

(Photo from Lacey’s blog: Sweatcity)